Day 2: Wasting no time getting to know Paris.

Our first morning in France we awoke to breakfast already made for us. This is something we can get use to. Teta Milica does not mess around.  There were fresh pastries and hot coffee as well as mini cereal boxes with milk for the girls. It was immediately clear that our usual pace of strolling around inside the Airstream wearing our pajamas ’til lunch was not going to fly here. Teta Milica means business and we already have a full day planned.



Day 1: Los Angeles to Paris.

First of all, I want to set things straight with this series of posts. Unlike our 2010 Cross Country posts, it is not likely I will write a post per day on this trip. Unlike a road trip, we don’t have a car and we stay in only a handful of places. That means a handful of days on this trip were not too different from each other. I will try to stay in chronological order though and highlight some of the days that were more significant. For example, our transit day from Los Angeles to Paris.



Our 2011 European Adventure.

Last year we spent just about half of our nights in the Airstream. 4 months of them being continuously on the road when we traveled cross country and the rest of them were mostly week-long trips at nearby campgrounds. You know the old cliché, “Time flies when you are having fun.” I guess that is true to a certain extent. Time definitely crawls when you are waiting in line at the DMV or in a Wal-Mart checkout line on a Sunday afternoon. But, when we are at home, the days and weeks seem to be just carbon copies of each other. The mundane routines and household chores take up so much time that we wouldn’t even notice when suddenly several months have flown by. That is what the first half of 2011 have been like.


Is this kid bored or what?