Where Have We Been?

As of September 2019 we have visited all 50 of the United States, all provinces of Canada, 19 states in Mexico and 28 countries across three continents in our adventure mobiles. We have driven well over 200,000 miles in 4 different home on wheels since 2008. Below are some of the maps to show our routes through some of them. We will try to update them but so far these document our adventures up to 2017.

Travel Maps

Every year as we set our sights around the world we like to create a map and plot as route as we go. Our blog entries document our adventures while on the road. Here you will find some of those adventures organized using interactive maps. Click on each map to discover more about our trips.

2019-2020 Europe/Africa Adventures

2018-2019 Europe/Asia Adventures

2017 One-More-Loop of the Western United States

2016 Trans-Canada Highway to Newfoundland and Labrador Adventure

2016 Mexico and Beyond Adventure

Mexico 2016

2015 Canada and Alaska

Canada Alaska 2015

2014 Cross Country to Northeast

Northeast 2014

2013 Southwest Fall Trip

Fall Southwest 2013

2013 Pacific Northwest and Canada Summer Trip

Pacific Northwest and Canada

2012-1213 Tour of America

We left our home in Ventura, CA in June 2012 and headed to LA. From there, we headed east towards Nevada for the first leg of our trip on July 28th 2012 while Luka was just 3-months old. We finally make it back to California after 7 months in February 2013.

2012 Cross Country Road Trip Map

2011 Fall Trip of the Southwest

September 27th 2011 – October 10th 2011. Total of 13 days across 4 different states.

Fall 2011 Road Trip Map of the Southwest

2010 Cross Country Trip

February 2nd 2010 – June 8th 2010. Total of 115 days across 16 different states.

2010 Mali Mish Cross Country Road Trip Map


Paul · May 9, 2020 at 10:54 am

Hi Mali I have been watching your YouTube videos for a while and they are awesome. Would you recommend a sprinter camper or a truck camper it’s for 2 people only? As we are planing to start overlanding in the future
Thanks Paul

Paul · October 8, 2020 at 5:29 pm

Thanks Dan that was really informative I’ve made up my mind to get a Mercedes Sprinter 170 3.00 v6 diesel Stay safe

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