Our ‘distraction’ in France is finally over and for the next 6 weeks, we are headed to the Dalmatian Coast. Specifically, Split and the Island of Hvar in Croatia. Commonly referred to at our house as – ‘The Old Country’.


Our short hop from Paris to Split was on a little commuter flight that takes all but 90 minutes. Once you are in Europe, everything pretty much is within a skip and a hop away. As much as we were looking forward to getting back to Croatia, we were not thrilled when we saw that we were going to be flying there on a turbo prop plane.


While Marlene worries about the reliability of yesterday’s technology getting us southward safely, Ava is moving on with her sprint towards adolescence by watching a little Star Wars for the first time.

While we got to Split safely, our luggage was not so lucky. After waiting for all of the luggage to pass through the carousel, we did not get half of our luggage. It probably had something to do with the heavy traffic that caused us to be late checking into our flight back at Charles de Gaulle. I guess it didn’t get on the same flight with us. We will just have to move on hoping for the best with our lives spared by that ancient Wright Brothers contraption we rode in on.


So as they say, ‘When in Split, Do as the Splitians’. That means, the kids will ride sans car seats that won’t get here until tomorrow. We were not going to let a little safety get in between us and the beers that are surely waiting for us on the other end of this road.


Marlene’s parents recently bought an apartment in a 12 story building over looking city of Split. As all apartment buildings in Croatia, it is an authentic socialist era apartment devoid of any colors and architectural flair.


Marlene’s brother David, AKA ‘Deets’, has been here for about a week awaiting us. In anticipation of our arrival, he donned his Sunday best which includes black socks and thrift store flip flops.


But it was all worth it when we discovered that two bottles of Karlovacko beers were awaiting us in the fridge. Of course, there was also milk and juice for the kids. Come on, we are not totally irresponsible, kids aren’t allowed to drink beer here until they are at least old enough to reach the top drawers for the bottle openers.


What we really have been looking forward to here is the food. Not that Croatia is really known internationally for their cuisine but there are definitely somethings here that are pretty unforgettable. For one, the stone oven pizza.


The Sladoled.


The Topli Sendvic.


The Burek.


If some of those items don’t ring a bell with you, don’t worry. At least you can enjoy this view of the city from our balcony for the next six weeks. We will get back to the food soon enough.

over and out,


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