Day 113: Grand Canyon National Park.

Today is our official day to tour the Grand Canyon National Park after getting into town around dusk yesterday. The weather is definitely getting much warmer even at this high elevation so I can’t even imagine how hot it is at the base of the desert in Arizona. Ava is ready with her sunglasses and hat and even a couple of dandelions as mini-umbrellas for some much needed shade from this heat wave.



Day 111: Mesa Verde National Park.

After dinner in Durango last night we headed west towards Mesa Verde National Park and got a spot at the Mesa Verde RV Resort just outside of the park. We looked long and hard at our options and we crossed our fingers in hoping that the RV Resort had a decent WiFi connection since our Sprint 3G card is hopelessly out of range. So far we are doing alright. The site had hookups and the WiFi signal worked well enough for us to get some work done so we could head out for some sightseeing in the morning.

mesa verde national park.


Day 110: Aztec Ruins and Durango, Colorado.

After 2 nights in Albuquerque we decided that it is time for us to move on. We are so close to being home that a little bit of post trip depression is creeping up on us. Driving a few hundred miles a day is now our daily routine so any place we go from here is basically a weekend trip for us once we get home. The obvious thing for us to do is stay on I-40 and drive towards Flagstaff, Arizona but we decided to squeeze in another state, or maybe 2, before it is all over.

What do you think Mila? Is it a good idea? “Ummmm, me thinks yesss!”

leaving albuquerque.


Day 107: Cars and the Big Texan.

Our long drive yesterday landed us in a little town in Texas called Shamrock. We are now west enough to be coming across some of the same states we visited at the beginning but just further north. Being a little town right off of Interstate 40, it is a town that was part of the old Route 66. And it is no accident that we decided to stay here last night.

truck stop at shamrock, tx.


Day 104: Camping in Oklahoma.

When we picked up the boat yesterday, the guy at the shop told us that we shouldn’t run the engine too hard for awhile. Since the engine had to be rebuilt, Fred essentially has to go through the initial break-in period once again so there is no permanent damage done to it. We were told that it is usually recommended to run it for 10 hours using the break-in process and we were not to tow anyone. Ouch. That would be a deal breaker for this weekend.