Our last full day in France started with the girls wanting in to Milica’s house. I am guessing they are trying to get their daddy more scotch for breakfast.


After breakfast, we decided that we would try to squeeze in another day of sightseeing being that it is our last chance to walk around with the tourists. On the agenda for the day, Versailles.


Sure it is a beautiful place with lots of history, but I am sure you don’t care about me rambling on and on about how Louis XIV built this massive compound just so he could shoot at wild animals for fun.


As always, there was a little drizzle while we were out and about. It is Northern France after all. What did you expect? Cannes? Nice?


The palace was huge and much of the dirt was wet so we opted for the trolley ride to get a more comfortable view of the compound.


We decided to take a little tour of the Grand Trianon, the former residence of Marie Antoinette.


This is the first time Ava has ever seen a real palace.


They don’t have huge walk ways like this at Disneyland.


And a real Queen actually lived here once upon a time.


Look how happy she is here in her ignorant bliss. I couldn’t tell her what happened to Queen Marie Antoinette. Definitely not happily ever after.


Thanks to the umbrella stroller and my gortex hat, Mila got in her usual afternoon nap.


We hopped into one of the close by restaurants for a ‘casual’ lunch. Complete with dual stemware.


This is the best they can come up with for a kids meal. Hamburger patty, green beans and a ball of rice. It was not the McNuggets she was hoping for.


Back at the farm house, the sun was out and the girls did their final laps before heading out tomorrow for Croatia.


Of course not without another delicious meal with wine and cheese first.

over and out,

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