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Welcome to The Freely Roaming Podcast with Dan and Marlene. We are a family of 5 traveling the world in a camper since 2008. You can find all about us at our travel blog MaliMish.com. We started Freely Roaming as a project to show others how to live a modern nomadic life like ours. Our goal is the make it easier and more enjoyable for people who wish to cut the cord of a stationary life and live a sustainable and adventurous life on the road.

In this podcast we will talk about several topics including but not limited to:

  • Adventure world travel.
  • Financial independence and retiring early.
  • Homeschooling, roadschooling and worldschooling.
  • Minimalism and conscientious living.

We also will talk to many other travelers just like us and bring you their interviews to share a wider perspective of this life style around the world.

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