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Chapter 2 of My Dell Venue 8 7840 Tablet Review

I have been using my new Dell Venue 8 for awhile since I first received it back at the end of March. As I wrote about in the last post, it does some pretty amazing things. One of the features I had wanted to try was the Intel Real Sense feature that allows the device to detect depth using its built-in cameras. How it works is that this camera actually has a total of 3 cameras in the back. One of them is used to take the 8-megapixel photo (though sufficient for online use but it is not the highest resolution for a device that touts it ability to manipulate photos) while the other 2 are used to measure depth.


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Day 5: Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Last night we spent another night boondocking at Walmart. So far on this trip, we have not had hookups. At the speed that we are moving and the places we plan to be visiting, hookups do not look like they will be in our future. That is ok since so far we have sunny skies and mild weather. That will keep us boondocking for many nights to come.


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The Eastern Sierras: Crowley Lake and Bodie Ghost Town.

The next stop is going to be our last one in the eastern Sierras before the caravan officially disbands for us to all go our separate ways. We will continue to head north towards Mammoth Lakes to camp at Crowley Lake. Before that happens, we are going to double down on the Burger Barn in Bishop before we leave because it is that good.

Eastern Sierras - Crowley Lake and Bodie Ghost Town.

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Pioneertown and Joshua Tree with Traveling Friends.

It has been awhile since we posted on this blog. That is because we have been busy getting ready for our next adventure. Since we got back to southern California in March, we have been doing a fair bit of local traveling. Before we head out on our next trip, I thought it might be a good idea that I first catch up on our travels since we got back. This was back in April of 2013 when we headed out to the California desert to meet up with some friends. You might even recognize them.


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