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A little change in plans…

After nearly 8 years of traveling in our Airstream across United States and Canada, we are finally ready to expand our horizons a little wider. If you’d asked me 6 months ago, I would not have guessed that this would be our plan. Our summer in Alaska was literally a life changing event. It brought our world to the proper perspective and made us realize just how little we have seen. We don’t know how many more years we will be living this way but we are striving to explore and discover our world wider and further before we are done.

Mali Mish Airstream (photo by Catherine Abegg)

For the past month, we have been working on building a smaller and more nimble adventure mobile. Starting in January, we are making our way south into Baja, Mexico and spend our winter there. What happens after that is still unknown but our options are to either continue heading south until we can go no further or roll everything on to a freight ship and push forward on another continent. The uncertainty is both exciting and scary but we can’t wait for this next phase to begin.

Today we are headed to the California desert for a few nights. When we leave, our Airstream will not leave with us. It will stay there in storage for the foreseeable future. The next phase of our travels will take us to places that will just be easier if

Before we head to Mexico, we headed into the California desert for a few nights. When we leave the desert, our Airstream will not leave with us. It will stay there in storage for the foreseeable future. The next phase of our travels will take us to places that will just be easier if we didn’t tow a trailer. We have no plans to sell her. There are too many memories made in and around it and we do think one day we will be back living in her again. Until then, she will be snugly tucked away safe and sound.


Say hello to our new Adventuremobile. It’s a 2016 Four Wheel Pop-Up Camper Grandby model in Silver Spur trim that sits on a 2016 Ford F-250 long bed gas truck. We will start blogging real-time from Mexico (while still catching up on our summer in Alaska). More details on the set-up to follow as we start our adventure.

(First two photos courtesty of the lovely Catherine Abegg)

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Tomorrow Somewhere New.

If you have been following us for awhile you might know about the Works. That’s Josh, Jessa, Jack and sometimes Cody. Like us, they are a family living in an Airstream and traveling the country. Recently they were featured in an issue of the online magazine Dark Rye. It is a publication produced by the company that owns the grocery chain Whole Foods. The issue focuses on the topic of wanderings and their story was captured in a beautifully produced video. A documentary film team joined them a month ago at their campground in Oregon. What came out of that session was nothing short of spectacular. It elegantly captured the essence of why people like us decided to leave the norm and pursue something out of the ordinary.



Mali Mish on Daytime! on WFLA of Tampa, FL.

Thanks to our friend Matt of Boxfotos for inviting us to visit WFLA in Tampa Florida as well as plugging us into their nationally syndicated show, Daytime!. We had a great time! We’d like to welcome all of our new visitors who saw us on the show.

photo 2

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The Mali Mish crew


Final Week before Lift Off.

We are down to the final stretch before leaving our possessions and family behind. We are filled with excitement, last-minute jitters and, ever so slightly, a bit of doubt. OK, maybe doubt is not the right word to describe it as it has little to do with the actual trip itself. We are quite excited to get back on the road. The main cause for our concern is Luka. There are a couple of small but lingering health-related problems we were hoping to resolve.

Luka. Day 97. Chubs.
Luka at his 3 month’s check up today with an off-the-charts weigh in.

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Advice to a Young Family for Working and Living on the Road.

We recently started corresponding with a young family like ours from Dayton, Ohio who are thinking about some extended traveling in a new RV they just purchased. Like us, they have young children and are looking for a more rewarding lifestyle than the typical 9 to 5. We are always eager to share our experiences with families who are contemplating taking the plunge. I thought someone else might be interested in my response as it might give you an insight that I don’t think I have shared before on the topic of working from the road.

working in the mali mish.

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Making Plans for Another Big Trip.

Now that we are a family of 5, traveling in the Airstream is a bit more challenging than before. Our last extended trip was our tour of the southwest in the fall of 2011 when we attended the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Since then, we have installed new solar panels and added Luka to the roster of our road trippers. Both additions worked out surprisingly well in their first outing a couple of weeks ago at our local KOA. We intentionally opted for a dry campsite to see how much the solar panels can handle. Although it does not completely replenish our batteries daily with only 100-watts of maximum output, it reassures us that we will at least put enough juice back in to run the bare necessities.

He has no idea... but Luka is offically an Airstreamer today!

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Say hello to Luka.

A couple days ago, we turned from an Airstreaming family of four…
In labor.

To a family of five. Say hello to Luka!

We all love him so much. Especially his big sisters!!

We are home with him now. Waiting for the second he opens his mouth to tell us he is ready for his first trip in the Airstream. Hehe.

More posts on the way… as soon as we all get some sleep.

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Modernism Week 2012 in Palm Springs, CA.

In 2 weeks, the annual Modernism Week event will be back at Palm Springs along with the vintage trailer show. Our visit last year got us up close and personal to some of the most amazing vintage trailers we have ever seen. With the baby due in just 3 months, we need to get a good week of camping in before things get really hectic. So we did it, we booked 7 nights at our favorite campground in the Coachella Valley, Lake Cahuilla County Park.

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