I’ve only done a few product reviews in the past mainly because we are so behind on our travel posts. As we are trying to catch up, I wanted to share a new Dell Android tablet we got from Intel to review and some of our favorite mobile apps for it.


This Dell device is our second Android tablet and probably the nicest tablet I’ve ever owned. The resolution of the screen is 2560×1600 which is much higher than a 1080p screen. Packing all that into an 8 inch display is pretty astounding to me. Display technology has gotten to a point where anything higher than what we’ve got at this moment in time is pretty much pointless. Human eyes are just simply not good enough to notice anything with higher pixel density.

An Intel Atom Z3580 at 2.3 GHz lives in this device that measures at only 6mm thick inside a metal enclosure that also feels solid. I will go into a bit more detail after having used this awhile but check out the video below to get a closer look at this new toy and our picks for 3 must-have travel apps.

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Crazy thin.

Aluminum enclosure.

2560×1600 OLED screen.

Intel RealSense.

Intel Tablets

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