Day 92: Tupelo Honey Cafe in Asheville, NC.

It is no secret that we do a lot of eating on this trip. If anything is going to make us end the trip, it is going to be that one day, we will get back from yet another delicious local restaurant and not be able to fit through the doors of the Airstream. Until that days comes, we will keep the sampling of local cuisines on our itinerary.

mila using her teeth.

Mila, soon you will be able to join us on our binge across America. I promise.


Day 80: Forget Paula Deen, go to Mrs. Wilkes.

We got back into town today in Savannah with one mission in mind, we were going to get into Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House Dining Room for lunch. Now that we have a pretty good sense about the city, we felt more comfortable just driving to where we need to go and begin our explorations from there. As we drove by to see how the line was looking, we were surprise to find that it had not reached to the end of the street and best of all, we got to park right in front of the restaurant.

waiting in line for mrs. wilkes.


Day 75: Mickey’s Backyard BBQ.

Today was our last full day at our Disney campground, Fort Wilderness. So we did what we always do on our last day at a site. Live it up. Pool, water slides and plans for a little bbq at our campsite. On a whim, I went to talk to the folks at Fort Wilderness about the sold-out Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. And low and behold, they had a few walk-up tickets left. Ava’s lucky day! And you know what else? It was all you can eat and DRINK. Our lucky day!!
mickey's backyard bbq.


Day 16: Good-bye New Mexico. Hello Texas.

billy the kid.

We packed up the Airstream as fast as we could this morning and said good-bye to the Las Cruces KOA. And for some reason, “as fast as we could” is 1o am. And that’s without making breakfast! But I should give us a break. We are not on vacation. We are working from the road… and have to balance work and kids and sight-seeing and driving… oh, and our cat too. So, if you take that into account, 10 am ain’t too shabby.


Organ Stop Pizza.

Hi. I’m Ava. Today we are at Organ Stop Pizza out here in good ol’ Mesa, Arizona. We thought we would grab a late lunch but you know what, they are not open until 4pm. No wonder the parking lot is empty! It’s a good thing, I guess, because we needed 7 parking spots for our van and Airstream.
ava and jessie the cowgirl


La Tiendita Mexican Restaurant.

During our travels in the Airstream (aka Mali Mish), we run across some of the most amazing little restaurants that make our hearts pitter patter and our full stomaches asking for just one more bite. Instead of keeping them a secret for ourselves, we are going to be kind and share the details. Bless our hearts.

Over New Year’s break, we spent some time camping with our Airstream in San Onofre, California. Dan had an early morning conference call so we drove into San Clemente so he could steal borrow the Wi-Fi from Starbucks and so Ava and I could grab a bite to eat. There were a few greasy spoons within walking distances but none of them were calling our names. We were just about to give in as I caught a glimpse of this place from the corner of my eye. La Tiendita Mexican Restaruant. Whenever Dan and I need to make a decision on which unknown restaurant to try, we usually steer towards Mexican food… and 9 out of 10 times, we make a good decision. This was no exception.
La Tiendita


Food, Food and More Food.

I love food. The fact that I love it so much is probably the reason why I’ve often been called ‘husky’. Even as a little kid I have been a big eater. Being always active and athletic has prevented me from falling into the category of morbid obesity. I guess that’s until 3 months ago when I broken both of my arms and when all activities ceased. It’s a long story involving a hill, a sharp corner, a skateboard and a concrete sidewalk. If you are really intrigued to read more about it, check out this blog post and see it from Ava’s perspective.

This was a bad idea. A fun idea, but a bad one…

But I digress…