Day 75: Mickey’s Backyard BBQ.

Today was our last full day at our Disney campground, Fort Wilderness. So we did what we always do on our last day at a site. Live it up. Pool, water slides and plans for a little bbq at our campsite. On a whim, I went to talk to the folks at Fort Wilderness about the sold-out Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. And low and behold, they had a few walk-up tickets left. Ava’s lucky day! And you know what else? It was all you can eat and DRINK. Our lucky day!!
mickey's backyard bbq.

As soon as we walked into Mickey’s Backyard BBQ, we got to meet Goofy, Chip and Dale. Nice heel pose, Dan.
meet and greet.

Then we were handed lemonade and the kids we allowed to create sidewalk art and play drums while we waited for Mickey to finish cooking our meal.
chalk art and drums.

Dinner is ready!!! On our way into the outdoor dining area, they were handing out beers instead of lemonade. How about that! The food was decent. The beer was Bud Light. And they had all you can eat ice cream too. And no, no one got drunk from what I can tell. We all had kids to watch. Duh!

Before we knew it, the mouse himself came out and the kids went nuts.
mickey mouse in the house.

All the kids were allowed to join them on the dance floor. Ava was one of the first kids on the dance floor and super excited. But then a million other kids also showed up and she got a little intimidated.
dancing with minnie.

See the black and pink ears on the bottom the picture? That’s as close as Ava got to Minnie Mouse.
as close as she got to minnie.

Ava doesn’t like crowds and didn’t understand why the other kids won’t move out the way and share Minnie with her. 🙁
left out.

But don’t worry. Dada Dan was there to save the day! It sorta felt we were crashing a wedding reception.
dancing with dada.

So the moral of the today’s story is… if your kid is shy, it probably isn’t the best idea to shell out a nice chunk of change on this BBQ. Even with the lure of free alcohol. Ava spent most of the time outside, walking on walls, playing hide-n-go-seek, and screaming ‘you can’t caaaaatch me!’.
playing outside.

To make sure we covered all the free stuff that the campground had to offer, we put the kids into their pajamas and headed out to the beach to wait for the water electric parade.

And it was super cheesy but super awesome at the same time. Yup, that is possible. It was as close as I was going to come to see the electric parade that Disneyland canceled many moons ago. Besides this, the Magic Kingdom did also still have the Hall of Presidents and Country Bear Jamboree which were also gone from Disneyland.
water parade.

Good night, little one. I hope you loved every second of this place.
good night.

the end,

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  1. Ceci May 5, 2010 at 8:00 pm #

    Love the heel pose Dan! You should really consider becoming a cast member at Disneyland when you get back to California 🙂 Then you could get your wife and daughters in for free and possibly get discounts at the Magic Kingdom for next time.

  2. marlene May 6, 2010 at 9:15 am #

    Good idea Ceci!!!!

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