Organ Stop Pizza.

Hi. I’m Ava. Today we are at Organ Stop Pizza out here in good ol’ Mesa, Arizona. We thought we would grab a late lunch but you know what, they are not open until 4pm. No wonder the parking lot is empty! It’s a good thing, I guess, because we needed 7 parking spots for our van and Airstream.
ava and jessie the cowgirl



Hi. I’m Ava and welcome back to Mali Mish. So, as you probably noticed, we haven’t hit the road in a while. Mama’s pregnant, the baby wants to stay close to home, blah blah blah. But I have good news. We are going on a mini-road trip to Lake Piru. Read more…

Merry Christmas.

Hi there. I went to see Santa the other day. It didn’t go so well. Not well at all. I seriously need a mini-vacation after that fiasco. Thank goodness there is one planned just around the corner. love, ava

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

Hi there. I’m Ava and welcome to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum!! I got into the museum for FREE but my parents had to pay $13 bucks each. I guess they are in the 13 years old and over category. Who knew?!?

There are many knowledgeable people scattered all around this mostly outdoor museum. Like this lady. She kept going on and on about a tortoise. I’m not sure if she forgot to drink her coffee this morning or what, but that is a turtle, my friend. A. Tur. Tle.


Arizona, here we come!

Howdy partner! I’m Ava. Wondering why I have a red cowboy hat, purple mittens and a bunch of crap piling up on the sofa behind me? Well, we are getting ready for our road trip to Arizona. We’ve got plans to visit Phoenix, Tucson, Bisbee, Tombstone, the Chiricahuas and a Read more…

T@b-less once again.

Mama, please open up the Tab. I want to go on another road trip. What? You sold it and we’re driving it to its new home? No! WAH! Good bye my Tab. I hope you like your new home. (Sniffle). (Sniffle). love, ava