Organ Stop Pizza.

Hi. I’m Ava. Today we are at Organ Stop Pizza out here in good ol’ Mesa, Arizona. We thought we would grab a late lunch but you know what, they are not open until 4pm. No wonder the parking lot is empty! It’s a good thing, I guess, because we needed 7 parking spots for our van and Airstream.
ava and jessie the cowgirl

We peeked out of our Airstream at 3:45 and you know what we saw? A long long line of people waiting to get in… and a million cars around us. What the heck is happening? We said good-bye to our cat Yoda and headed for the line. Once the doors opened, I noticed that there were a lot of people with gray hair there. And lots of them asked me how I got into this place since I am not 55 and over. I told them I was a snow bird, just like them, and they all gave me a thumbs up.

My Dada was excited to get his beer for only $2.50. But he wasn’t as excited when it came out in a small cup. Not sure why.
$2.50 beer @ Organ Stop Pizza

But look at this pizza. Yum.
Organ Stop Pizza

Oh oh. What’s happening Mila? Who turned off the lights? What is that sound?

Why did this dude just rise out of the floor with an organ? Now that is what I call magic.
dude playing a big ass organ @ Organ Stop Pizza

There are cats dancing right now? And the organ pipes are in the walls? And we are in the middle of this all?
Organ Stop Pizza

Bravo Organ Stop Pizza. Bravo!

I wasn’t the only one who thought so either. Check out this full house!
Full house at Organ Stop Pizza

So what did we think of Organ Stop Pizza? You could say that WE LOVED IT!!! You must go for the pizza and the show. GO GO GO!
Us girls. Organ Stop Pizza.

I can’t chat anymore. Must. Eat. Ice. Cream. Yum.
ice. cream. yumm.

Oh. Here is a little video of the place.


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