Day 204: The Ace Hotel and Swim Club.

Every time we are in Palm Springs, we have to go to Ace Hotel. Thanks to Marlene’s parents who spend a week each year at their Palm Springs timeshare, the girls have associated the city with swimming. Ace Hotel is the perfect place to go for that. Their pool is open to everyone, guest or not, with a small daily use fee.



Day 203: A lazy Airstream day at Lake Cahuilla County Park Campground.

Being here near Palm Springs feels like we are already home. This is one of our go-to places for a getaway while we are home based and even though we are still technically full-timing across the country, it definitely feels like our trip is all but over. Officially, it will be in a couple of days but it is hard for us to make that distinction. We still won’t have a house to move into for a couple of weeks but we will be sleeping under a roof supported by walls sitting on a concrete foundation at Marlene’s parents house.

no privacy.


Day 187: Landing in Houston, Texas.

Our campground in Dickinson is located about 20 miles southeast of Houston. It is just about right in the middle between Houston and Galveston just a few miles away from Johnson Space Center. We intentionally found a spot there so we would be able to spend the day at the Space Center after we check out in a couple of days. Today, we are headed into Houston.

Day 187: Smooth landing in Houston, Texas.