Day 103: Californian turned Okie.

Today Fred and I took a little trip to Oklahoma City while the girls stayed back at the lake. Fred being a born-and-bred Californian from Santa Maria, improperly winterized his boat at the end of last season and had to have the engine completely rebuilt. The shop told him it would be ready today so I accompanied him on the 150 mile drive each way into town to pick it up.

tenkiller lake.


Day 102: Homesteading at Tenkiller Lake, Oklahoma.

Today is a very special day. It is not only special because we are heading into Oklahoma for the first time but because it is also our 8th anniversary. If you told me on the day we got married 8 years ago that we would be full timing on the road with 2 kids today, I would probably think you are crazy. It’s amazing how much things have changed for the better since then and we are happy to be where we are today.

crossing into oklahoma.


Day 98: On our way to Memphis.

Today we left Nashville and are so happy to have made the decision to stop here. It felt like the right one. And where else would Ava had a chance to dance her little heart out?!?! Music City was the perfect place to do so.

But before we headed out of town, we stopped by a Cracker Barrel to give it another try. The last time we stopped by one, we had the most over-the-top ridiculous are-we-on-camera waitresses. She checked on us every 15 seconds, I swear. But I am happy to report that the wait staff in Nashville are normal.
cracker barrel.


Day 92: Tupelo Honey Cafe in Asheville, NC.

It is no secret that we do a lot of eating on this trip. If anything is going to make us end the trip, it is going to be that one day, we will get back from yet another delicious local restaurant and not be able to fit through the doors of the Airstream. Until that days comes, we will keep the sampling of local cuisines on our itinerary.

mila using her teeth.

Mila, soon you will be able to join us on our binge across America. I promise.