This morning Jaiden came by to see if Ava is ready to play. We invited her in while Ava finishes her breakfast and gets changed for our last full day at Tenkiller Lake.

last full day.

Even though the rest of the group is staying until Monday, we are going to leave a day early and take off tomorrow on Sunday. We plan on getting across Oklahoma and hopefully into Texas before the end of the day so we wanted to get a decent start before the Memorial Day traffic got the best of us. We are going to try to make to most of today.

peek a boo.

Ava got right to hanging out with the kids with a little game of hide and go seek.

reverse pool.

And of course for another swim in the lake. Amanda bought this inflatable pool for $7 bucks and became an instant hit with the kids. Isn’t the water suppose to go inside of the pool? Who knew it could also double as a boat!

sleepy ava.

We got back on the boat again to continue the engine break-in process and we are not even half way through the recommended 10-hour run time.

boat house.

See what happens if you don’t break your boat in properly? Don’t let this happen to you!

Actually we found this abandoned house boat in one of the coves of the lake. Fred and his nephew decided to swim up to it to check it out. Luckily there was no one passed on on meth living in it.

mila with life jacket.

Another thing Amanda brought back from the store yesterday was this infant life jacket for the boat. After seeing Mila dressed like a turtle in the toddler life vest, she now has one that kids her size can use and Mila was happy to model for her during our last ride.

bbq time.

I got into the camping spirit and decided to cook up some pork kabobs for dinner to share with everyone.


Mesquite charcoal is a beautiful thing.

ava likes it.

“What do you think? Ava? You like it?”

For the last few nights, one of the things that Fred and company always break out when it gets dark is this white bed sheet that they drape on one end of the canopy shade. If you are wondering, it’s not privacy they are looking for. As much as they enjoy camping, they come prepared with something you don’t usually see at the campground.

xbox camping.

How about a video projector running the video game Halo on Xbox 360 for a night cap? These guys are serious about Halo. I don’t know how late they stay up playing each night but I don’t have the stamina to find out. In fact, I think I am gonna have to call it a night.

over and out,


Stephen H. · June 17, 2010 at 7:02 pm

I don’t know where you’re headed in Texas, but you’re sure making me homesick. Our home is Tyler, about 100 miles east of Dallas. If we were home, we’d have you stop by and park in our driveway! We almost have our Sovereign ready for the road. Not sure where we’re off to next, possibly Washington. I’m waiting for that call to come any day now.
Safe Travels,
The Halls.

marlene · June 28, 2010 at 12:09 pm

Hi Stephen!
We are only stopping by Shamrock this time around. Thanks for the courtesy parking offer. Maybe next time 🙂
Great news about the Sovereign. Can’t wait to hear about your travels!!!

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