Van Life with a couple cats!

As many of you might know, we started our travels in 2008 with an older cat named Yoda. She passed away in Europe in 2018. And then in 2022, we officially adopted a couple of Croatian kittens during our overseas adventure. I’ve been meaning to together a little blog post Read more…

Day 7: Another rainy day in Tucson.

We had today all planned out. We were either going to go to the Collossal Caves or the Pima Air Museum. Both spots were super close to our campground and would make perfect half day trips. But no. The rain showed up. Again. Grrrrr. And since both spots involved walking outside, our sight-seeing day went down the toilet.

But look what we did instead. Wait a second! Did we go to the San Xavier Del Bac Mission again? I wish. We did what a lot of other parents do when it rains and their kids go stir crazy in the house (or in our case… the airstream). We went to the mall!
san xavier del bac mission. table at mall.


Burrito Time.

Our cat Yoda is doing fairly well on our road trips. She doesn’t mind the drives too much nor the confined space of the trailer. But she always needs a few hours to adjust when we first get settled into a new site. Sometimes we roll her up like a Read more…

Yoda got chipped… and I am not talking about Doritos.

Ava and Yoda at the vet

We took Yoda to the vet a few days ago to prepare her for traveling with us around the country. We had a long list of Yoda To-Do’s that needed crossing off, which included yearly blood work, vaccine boosters, microchips, and health certificates.

We actually traveled with Yoda when we took our old T@b to Arizona last January but did not have any documentation with us when we got stopped at the California-Arizona border. It would have been really bad news for Yoda if not for the fact that when asked if we had any pets in the car, Dan answered ‘no’. But he didn’t intentionally lie. You see our first road trip started of like this but ended up like this. We were beyond exhausted and somehow forgot we had a cat in the car with us. Sorry Yoda. 🙁