When we first got our Airstream, I had a hard time finding information on a couple of things: toddlers and cats. Regarding toddlers, I think we slowly figured it out…. and have tried to post info as we add miles to the Airstream. But regarding cats, I don’t think I’ve shared as much information as I had hoped. So for all the people (all 3 of you) out there Googling ‘cat airstream’ or ‘cat poop RV’ or ‘crazy cat lady silver bullet’, here you go.

On most of our trips, it takes our cat a day to adjust. She will spend the first 24 hours or so hiding in the bedroom. Her favorite hiding spot used to be in her blankie… but it has now evolved to hiding next to the bins that are tucked in a storage compartment under the bed. After that, she is back to her old self. Peering out of windows.

In the early morning hours, I not only have to worry about keeping the toddler from waking up the infant, or vice versa… I also have to make sure that the cat has a curtain cracked. Seriously. Have you ever seen a cat try to undo velcro Airstream curtains? Yes, it’s funny at first. But not for the millionth time at the crack of dawn! Trust me.

And where does our cat hang out for most of the day? On our bed. (Please ignore the mess.)
yoda on crowded bed

And I know you are still wondering where the cat eats and takes care of business. She does it all in the bedroom. I’ve read some message boards explaining that some Airstreamers have converted cabinets into cat areas. Or placed things in the bathroom. Or the shower. But that just hasn’t worked for us. So say hello to…

… Cat Alley! Also known as the foot of the bed.

Her food and water sit in a Tupperware lid, in case of spills. We also have a couple cat scratchpads in the Airstream also. One against this wall and one under the dining room table.

We tuck her litter box in the far corner of Cat Alley. (Closest to Dan’s side of the bed. Hehe!) It seemed kinda weird at first but it is out of the way there. And having things out of the way while living in a small enclosed space is a high priority. During our first trip with Yoda, we had her litter box in the bathroom. The bathroom door has a 6 inch gap at the bottom so we thought it would be the perfect spot. But it was such a pain to have to move it out of the bathroom every time we had to go in there. And we didn’t want to confuse the poor cat and cause an accident. So, at the foot of the bed it stays.

Oh what we do for our animal friends!
Yoda the cat

the end,

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