We had today all planned out. We were either going to go to the Collossal Caves or the Pima Air Museum. Both spots were super close to our campground and would make perfect half day trips. But no. The rain showed up. Again. Grrrrr. And since both spots involved walking outside, our sight-seeing day went down the toilet.

But look what we did instead. Wait a second! Did we go to the San Xavier Del Bac Mission again? I wish. We did what a lot of other parents do when it rains and their kids go stir crazy in the house (or in our case… the airstream). We went to the mall!
san xavier del bac mission. table at mall.

We totally should have watched the weather report. Then we would have been smart enough to go to the caves yesterday and the INDOOR children’s musuem today. Grrrrr. Let’s blame Mila for my lack of sleep and thus lack of brain cells today. But look what did happen instead. Ava actually enjoyed chips WITH salsa. It was a small miracle.
first time enjoying salsa!

And this is the Tucson Mall.
tucson mall playground.

I won’t bore you with the details of all the crazy fun we had here.
fish taco.

And miracle two of the day was this. Yoda… the cat who avoids our toddler like the plague… actually sat on Ava’s lap. All by herself. Ava slowly stopped drinking her milk and began petting Yoda as slowly as possible. Knowing at any moment that this could be over. Ava did not talk or move an inch or even let out a smile…
yoda on ava's lap. it's a miracle.

… until petting time was over. Hmmmm. Maybe there is still hope for a friendship after all.
happy that yoda sat on her lap for a bit.

the end,


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