Ava and Yoda at the vet

We took Yoda to the vet a few days ago to prepare her for traveling with us around the country. We had a long list of Yoda To-Do’s that needed crossing off, which included yearly blood work, vaccine boosters, microchips, and health certificates.

We actually traveled with Yoda when we took our old T@b to Arizona last January but did not have any documentation with us when we got stopped at the California-Arizona border. It would have been really bad news for Yoda if not for the fact that when asked if we had any pets in the car, Dan answered ‘no’. But he didn’t intentionally lie. You see our first road trip started of like this but ended up like this. We were beyond exhausted and somehow forgot we had a cat in the car with us. Sorry Yoda. 🙁

When we settled into one of the rooms at our veterinarian’s office, Ava started to cry. Not sure why. She usually doesn’t do that… not even at her pediatrician’s office… well, not until she gets her ears checked.
Thinks she is at the doctor for herself and not Yoda

After explaining to her that this is Yoda’s doctor and not hers, her cries turned into smiles. Neneer Neener neener. You’re getting shots and not meeeeeee!

Our old vet and I decided to stop giving Yoda rabies vaccines a while back. I had her vaccinated years ago when I was working as a wildlife rehabber for mammals. But when I solely focused on rehabbing songbirds, there was no longer a need for it since birds can’t carry the rabies virus and since Yoda was an indoor cat. Since the vaccine is needed for travel, we decided to add it to her yearly regimen once again. We also decided to start giving Yoda yearly blood tests in order to catch anything that might harm her in the future, as we wished we did with our dear old dog Rudy.

On top of that, we also had Yoda microchipped in case she ever got lost during one of our trips. The vet injected a small rice-sized microchip between her shoulder blades. If Yoda ever gets lost, almost every shelter and vet is equipped with a scanner that will transmit Yoda’s unique code. The microchip company our vet used was HomeAgain. After the injection, we took Yoda’s unique code and registered it on their website, along with her picture and other required stats.

Even though Yoda was pissed off at us and the world for the next 12 hours or so, she is back to old self now and is ready to travel the world… with her new microchip.

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Katie · November 19, 2008 at 4:24 pm

Wait wait, will I need documentation of what for Mister at the… state border? What?
So confused now.

Katie · November 19, 2008 at 4:25 pm

And where are you guys located so we can MEET YOU?

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