Today felt different. Today we woke up with smiles just a little larger than yesterday. Today it felt like a weight was lifted off of our shoulders. Today was our first non-travel day. Today was a day to have fun in the sun… and cross some things off of our never ending to-do list too.
Sunny Tuscon

Every morning, the kids wake us up around 7:30 am. But thanks to the time change in Arizona, we don’t get awakened until 8:30 am. Yeah yeah yeah. I know it’s still 7:30 am California time but something about my clock saying it’s actually an hour later makes every morning awesome!

Today Ava woke up asking for her flip flops. Her very first pair ever that she just got for her birthday and has been begging to wear them ever since. So since the sun was shining and we were only walking to Rec Room, we gave her a thumbs up. Have you ever been on a walk with a kid that is wearing flip flops for the first time? Me neither. Let’s just say that it took us a very loooooong time to get to our destination.
excited to wear flip flops.

Every Saturday at the Cactus Country RV Resort, they offer all-you-can-eat breakfast (pancakes, french toast, sausage, juice, and coffee) for only $4.00. What a bargain. So we eventually made it there and found a seat in the packed Rec Room. As soon as I sat down, I placed Mila in my lap and pushed my breakfast plate just out of her reach. Within seconds, an awesome lady came by and offered to hold Mila because she knows how hard it is to eat with a little one on your lap. Especially a little one that had just discovered how to grab. Wow. My lucky day. So this awesome lady (who’s name I can’t remember, sorry) held Mila and I got to enjoy my meal and my hot coffee too. Two free hands and sleeping in until “8:30 am”? Now this is what I call a vacation!

After breakfast, Ava asked if she could read some girl books from the bookshelf. When she got back, I was expecting to see princess books. But no. She brought back books with pink covers… and they were all romance novels. Haha. And said all the Fabio looking guys with capes were Superman. Oh boy!
"girl books" according to ava.

So on our way out of the Rec Room, we discovered the REAL reason Ava wanted to wear flip flops. She wanted to dip her feet in the pool like a big girl. Since the pool was heated and the sun was shining, we thought a day at pool would be perfect.
Dipping our feet in the pool

But not before we ran some errands. Dan was dying to buy some new batteries from Costco. He decided on two flooded cell deep cycle batteries instead of the gel version. Don’t ask me why. I was too busy making sure Mila didn’t slide out of the baby bjorn.
new batteries for the airstream

Back at the campsite, we quickly busted out our “Summer” bin from the van, grabbed our swimsuits and beach towels and headed out for the pool. Notice that Ava is wearing regular shoes. No time for dillydallying with flip flops.
no flip flops this time.

ava with her dada at the pool.

Ready, set, go!
pool jumping.

While those two splashed, Mila and I lounged poolside. No complaints here.

Back at the site, it was time to get some things done. First on the list was to set up the tent. And the sole reason for that is so we have a place to throw our baby crap. Tripping over Mila’s exersaucer and baby seat plus Ava’s highchair all day long in the Airstream drives us nuts. So it is real nice to have a place to temporary store things while they are not in use.
storage tent

Look who finally stopped hiding in the bedroom. Yup, Yoda. I think she was also a little excited about our new batteries and wanted to get a better look at them.
yoda peeking out the front door

And here are the new batteries. Dan installed them in no time at all after peeking at a picture he took of how the old batteries were wired. Good job Dan. Nothing blew up.
new batteries for the airstream

Alright. Time to go. We are only on Day 3 of our road trip and the hair pulling has begun. Oh boy!
sister hair pulling begins!

the end,


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