Sprinter 4×4 Camper Van Build: Day 3.

While Dan and I are busy with the van build, the girls are creating daily checklists for themselves to make sure all their schooling gets completed. Language arts, math, ancient history, art and exercise. Those are their current five subjects. So when we mentioned to the girls that we needed to run to Home Depot in the morning, they quickly put their shoes on and mentioned something about getting to check exercise off their lists. Once we go to the store, the exercise comment made much more sense to me. Sorry contractor dudes in the store, running on polished concrete floors was their PE class today.

Sprinter camper van build : day 3


Selling Our Ford F-250 and Four Wheel Camper (SOLD)

Ford F-250 & Four Wheel Camper

Ok so our Casita went up for sale 2 days ago and now it’s the truck camper’s turn. We spent today clearing out our belongings and gave her a deep clean. Huh, now that it’s empty and clean, we might just keep her! I wish… If we could keep her and still buy our overseas rig we totally would. But we can’t justify letting her sit here while we are gone for a year or two. Here she is in all her glory.

Asking Price: $49,000.00

Sold as package. Will not separate. (Decals on truck doors can be removed)

Our Casita trailer is also for sale

Ford F-250 & Four Wheel Camper


Why You Need ND Filters For Your Drone

Do you ever wonder why your videos aren’t quite as ‘cinematic’ as the videos you see in the movies? Well, there are a lot of reasons for that. I can’t teach you all of the tricks. Mostly it’s because I don’t know them all. However I will try to teach you at least one here today. It has to do with ‘Neutral Density’ filters.

Neutral density filters are essentially sunglasses for your camera. It is important because photography and videography has everything to do with how much light enters the iris of the lens. Most cameras with manual controls will let you change 3 settings that control how much light is absorbed on the sensor of your lens. Or if you are a cool hipster, you only have 2 settings along with the speed rating of that vintage film stock you found at Goodwill.


Faria County Park, California.

We were actually here at Faria County Park a couple months ago with both our truck camper and the Casita, which is our current set-up. The reason that I point that out is because it’s the first place that we camped that actually didn’t allow for us to have “two camping units in one camp spot”. We knew that our set-up could cause an issue at campgrounds with a million rules but we did not expect it from our teeny home town county campground. Rules smules.

Even though we didn’t pop up the truck camper, it was still illegal for us to be parked in one spot. Our option according to our warning ticket was to get rid of one camping unit or pay for two sites. There was no way we were going to pay for two sites nor get rid of one. Lucky for us, there was free parking on the frontage road between certain hours so by setting alarms and moving our truck around, we somehow avoided getting a ticket. It was a pain in the butt but worth it.

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