Beach day and brushing up on our Spanish with Lingo Cards.

With our van build far enough along we decided to take Saturday off from building and take her out for a beach day. We use to love backing up our Airstream to a waterfront camp site because of the wide panoramic windows at the back of the trailer. It made us feel like we were floating on the water. We’ve not had that since we downsized to the truck camper and the Casita did not have such nice views.



Sprinter 4×4 Camper Van Build: Day 3.

While Dan and I are busy with the van build, the girls are creating daily checklists for themselves to make sure all their schooling gets completed. Language arts, math, ancient history, art and exercise. Those are their current five subjects. So when we mentioned to the girls that we needed to run to Home Depot in the morning, they quickly put their shoes on and mentioned something about getting to check exercise off their lists. Once we go to the store, the exercise comment made much more sense to me. Sorry contractor dudes in the store, running on polished concrete floors was their PE class today.

Sprinter camper van build : day 3