Kindergarten on the road.

One of the more significant tasks we are taking on during this trip is homeschooling our own little kindergartner. Ava is now 5-years old and will officially start kindergarten in the fall. We began researching different types of homeschooling programs when we decided to go back on the road and were really lucky to find a great program for newbies like us at Ventura Charter School.

Ava’s first-ever set of official school books.


Final Week before Lift Off.

We are down to the final stretch before leaving our possessions and family behind. We are filled with excitement, last-minute jitters and, ever so slightly, a bit of doubt. OK, maybe doubt is not the right word to describe it as it has little to do with the actual trip itself. We are quite excited to get back on the road. The main cause for our concern is Luka. There are a couple of small but lingering health-related problems we were hoping to resolve.

Luka. Day 97. Chubs.
Luka at his 3 month’s check up today with an off-the-charts weigh in.


Upgrade Your Airstream with Bright, Efficient and Durable LEDs.

Getting your trailer ready for some serious boondocking usually calls for some type of replenish-able, off-grid power source like adding solar panels and a generator. However, power generation is only 1 part of the formula when considering ways to build up your off-grid power. You will also need to consider ways to increase power storage capacity as well as items to help lower your consumption. The latter two are frequently ignored even though they can be more cost efficient.



Driveway living and a final week of sentiments.

Since June 9th, we have been living in the Airstream on the driveway of our old house. Technically, we are full timing in the Airstream but emotionally, it didn’t quite yet feel the same. We had a lot of work to do to get our stuff packed up and cleaned out and it took all of the time we had to do it. Today, after 4 trips with U-Hauls and 11 days of driveway living, we finally departed our beloved home of 8 years and left the town that has embraced and sheltered us for nearly 12 years. This time for good.

All packed and ready to roll.


House-less but not home-less.

Last night was our first night in the Airstream as our full time home. Because of some problems with our buyer’s lender, they had to extend their escrow closing day. You’d think we are glad to have a few extra days to move out, but the changes in plans are actually a bit aggravating. We have had our plans in place and this was not going to change them.