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Mulege, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

The next stop on the Baja Express is to the town of Mulege. Instead of camping near town, we chose to be outside of town a bit at a campground surrounded by orange groves called Ray’s RV Park and Resort. And look who it is again, Tim and Kerri in Big Blue. This photo makes me giggle. We all ditched our Airstreams for a bit for a Baja adventure. I’m sure we will all be back in our Airsteams sometime in the future, but for now we are enjoying our time in this orange grove in the desert.


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Asuncion and Abreojos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Took a week off of work so we could do some off-the-grid exploring. First stop was a little fishing village called Bahia Asuncion on the Pacific 120 miles off of Mexico Highway 1. We did not know what to expect from the roads out there especially when it immediately turned into a short stretch of gravel. Luckily most of the remaining road was paved. Found a rugged and treacherous coastline at the end when we arrived at dusk.

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Laguna Ojo de Liebre

On Friday afternoon after signing off of work, we headed out of town a few miles. No cell reception, no problem. It was time for us to get up close and personal with some gray whales… if they’ll let us. Hello there, Laguna Ojo de Liebre!

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Guerrero Negro, Baja Californina, Mexico.

So… where did we leave off? Oh yeah. We ended up following a tow truck, that was helping out the Wandrly crew, south a few hours to a town called Guerrero Negro. Finding a hotel in the middle of the night was a bit of a fiasco but they eventually found one open and settled into a spacious two-story suite for only 35 bucks a night. Score for them. We ended up popping up the truck camper in the parking lot of the hotel for the night for free. Score for us too.

Blog Guerrero Negro

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Gonzaga Bay, Baja California.

After a night in Puertecitos, we made the 50 km drive south to Bahia de San Luis Gonzaga (also known as “Gonzaga Bay”). The Wandrly crew had possible bad fuel from a Pemex station up the road so they were having a some issues climbing up the mountain roads to get to this spot.

Blog Gonzaga Bay

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Puertecitos Hot Springs, Baja California.

On the weekends here in Baja, when Dan doesn’t need internet for the work week, we try to pick a spot that we couldn’t go otherwise. After work on Friday, we left San Felipe and made the drive across a few hundred kilometers of Baja California Norte with no utilities or cell service. First stop was a tiny coastal community of Puertecitos.

Blog Puertecito

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Hola, Mexico! Hola, San Felipe!

We were prepared to get searched at the border of Mexico… or at the very least questioned. So did our buddies from Wandrly who we are planning to spend our entire time with in Baja. Not only did we not get questioned nor searched, we didn’t even talk to a border agent. We saw a green light flash and drove right into Mexico with no issues. Our first stop was to get tourist visas for us all since we are planning to be in Mexico for more than a week. We filled out a form at the INS office, got our passports stamped, handed over $25 a person and we were off! Well, Wandrly got pulled over by a cop within 5 minutes, the cop didn’t speak English and they didn’t speak Spanish so they were waved away… and then we were off!!

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A little change in plans…

After nearly 8 years of traveling in our Airstream across United States and Canada, we are finally ready to expand our horizons a little wider. If you’d asked me 6 months ago, I would not have guessed that this would be our plan. Our summer in Alaska was literally a life changing event. It brought our world to the proper perspective and made us realize just how little we have seen. We don’t know how many more years we will be living this way but we are striving to explore and discover our world wider and further before we are done.

Mali Mish Airstream (photo by Catherine Abegg)

For the past month, we have been working on building a smaller and more nimble adventure mobile. Starting in January, we are making our way south into Baja, Mexico and spend our winter there. What happens after that is still unknown but our options are to either continue heading south until we can go no further or roll everything on to a freight ship and push forward on another continent. The uncertainty is both exciting and scary but we can’t wait for this next phase to begin.

Today we are headed to the California desert for a few nights. When we leave, our Airstream will not leave with us. It will stay there in storage for the foreseeable future. The next phase of our travels will take us to places that will just be easier if

Before we head to Mexico, we headed into the California desert for a few nights. When we leave the desert, our Airstream will not leave with us. It will stay there in storage for the foreseeable future. The next phase of our travels will take us to places that will just be easier if we didn’t tow a trailer. We have no plans to sell her. There are too many memories made in and around it and we do think one day we will be back living in her again. Until then, she will be snugly tucked away safe and sound.


Say hello to our new Adventuremobile. It’s a 2016 Four Wheel Pop-Up Camper Grandby model in Silver Spur trim that sits on a 2016 Ford F-250 long bed gas truck. We will start blogging real-time from Mexico (while still catching up on our summer in Alaska). More details on the set-up to follow as we start our adventure.

(First two photos courtesty of the lovely Catherine Abegg)

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Valdez, Alaska.

Summer is coming to an end. We can feel it in the air. The fireweeds are all gone and some of the trees are changing color. We know we have to leave but we are just not ready to admit it. Today we are driving to the town of Valdez and you know what? The one way drive in and out is super beautiful. Best drive yet.

Blog Alaska Valdez

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