Day 27: Old Town Galveston and Hurricane Ike.

Our last full day in Texas started with a visit to the Galveston Island Marina. Marlene use to work with this retired psychologist at her previous job on some of her projects and struck up a working relationship. He lives part time in Galveston and we were invited to come check out his trawler that is docked here.

wally's boat.

The marina here is a lot different than the ones we are use to. These marinas have covered canopies and docks built out of solid concrete. In California, where we don’t have hurricanes, wooden, floating and anchored docks are the standard.


Day 25: En route to Galveston, Texas.

We left Pioneer RV Resort this morning in record time knowing we had a long drive ahead of us. Before you think we are some kind of early birds, let me tell you that the record time was a sharp 10:15AM. That is good for us.


Instead of taking the nearby free ferry at Port Aransas, we decided to drive the long way around since taking the Airstreams on an unknown ferry boat was kind of a risky proposition. That means we got to drive through Corpus Christi one more time. The birth place of a Texas Treasure. Whataburger.


Day 23: Padre Island and a RV Resort in Port Aransas, Texas.

We got into Corpus Christi, TX pretty late the night before and found a Walmart to boondock at for the night. It was our first night of boondocking since replacing the house batteries in Tucson. I wanted to make sure it was working properly and it would handle our power load when we are not plugged in. The last time we boondocked in Tempe, Arizona, we woke up in the morning with not enough electricity to even run the fridge on propane mode. Our new batteries on the other hand performed like rock stars all night. They provide enough juice to let us even run our TV in the morning for Ava to watch PBS kids before we left for Padre Island with power to spare.



Day 21: Shopping and bat searching in Austin.

Our second full day in Austin started out with clear skies and much warmer weather. Thanks to the snow from yesterday, I found out that one of our old college friends Missy now live in Austin from her status update on Facebook. To both of our delight, we arranged to meet for a nice lunch at the Hula Hut right on Lake Austin with her 8 month old boy Liam and her husband Conor.

lunch with missy and her family.