Our view at Galveston Island State Park is awesome. Our Airstream is sitting at the edge of the bay and because the spots are staggered, we don’t see any other campers around. Just this view! I guess we are finally getting our money’s worth out of these panoramic windows next to our dinette. Mila thinks so too.
mila likes our view at galveston island state park.

We decided to choose a spot next to the bay instead of the gulf since a storm was heading our way and hopefully the wind would be a little less annoying inland. But if it was summer, we would have definitely chosen a spot next to the ocean instead of the bay. I have a feeling that this bay houses a lot of mosquitoes once it warms up.
the bay.

The campground feels very isolated. There is nothing around but wetlands, houses on stilts in the distance, and a few feathered friends wading in the water just steps from the campground.

And just as predicted, the storms rolled in overnight and drenched the area for a good portion of the morning too.

So we spent the morning inside the Airstream with our girls and Sophia. It was our last day with Sophia and Ava got to spend a few hours together watching TV, playing Toy Story, hiding in our bed from monsters, playing ‘you can’t catch me!’ and drinking smoothies.
hanging out.

And when our friends were packed and ready to head out, we drove along the seawall to find a quick bite to eat… and to admire the stormy sea… and the few crazy surfers out in the water. Back at home, surfers usually avoid waves like these due to the probability of getting sick from the run off (a.k.a. the poop). But here, if you don’t surf these storm waves, you’d have to wait for a tanker to roll by and ride on its coat tails.

We first stopped at a restaurant called Landry’s. Hmmm, a little too fancy and quiet for our cooped-up-in-the-Airstream-all-day kids. Then we stopped by a Rainforest Cafe. Hmmmm, this place just scared the sh*t out of my toddler and might have scarred her for life. Thanks scary monkeys! Then it was off to IHOP. Hmmmm, this place is just right and who can say no to pancakes for lunch anyways!?!?!

Before we knew it, we had to say good-bye to our Airstream buddies.
both families.

As they headed to off to say good-bye to their Airstream as it was set to sail back to London.
airstream on its way to london.

Not being able to see these two run around all day is going to be a tough change. I sure hope they remember each other down the road.
hug good-bye.

We are now off to the next part of our journey. Just the four of us. Oops, five of us. Sorry Yoda. Just a few more days left in Texas. Which ends up being the proudest state I have ever been in. I always thought us Californians were proud of our state. We have nothing on Texans. I can’t even tell you how many Texas flags I have seen flying these past 10 days. And stars everywhere. And to top it off… chips! In the shape of Texas! Where the hell are our chips CALIFORNIA? You hear me Arnold!!
texas shaped chips.

the end,


Freely Living Life · March 3, 2010 at 9:20 am

Glad to hear you enjoyed Texas. 🙂

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