We woke up bright and early today to catch the trolley to downtown Port Aransas. 10 am counts as bright and early, right? And if anyone was still sleeping by the time the girls were ready to roll, they were not sleeping for long. These two love running and screaming.

And me? I was ready to roll too. With a baby carrier AND a backpack today. Not sure what is wrong with me.
baby carrier and backpack.

We are waiting for the trollllllley! We are waiting for the trollllllllllley! But we missed the darn thing by a minute. Oops. Good thing the trolley swings by the RV Resort every 45 minutes. So we waited some more.
waiting for the trolley.

And then this happened. Ava thought it was a good idea to practice her boot camp skills under the bicycle racks. Hehe.

As soon as we got onto the trolley,we paid our 25 cents each and found our seats. The trolley driver kindly handed out treats for the girls. I guess that is one way to keep them quiet on our 15 minute journey into town.
lollipops on trolley.

First stop, Moby Dick’s Restaurant.
moby dick's.

This place was recommended as a good place to take the kids since it was pirate themed and supposedly had good food too.

Grub grub grub.

As you can see by Ava’s expression, the food was pretty good.
so. good.

Our next stop was this big ass shark thing across the street from the restaurant. I think it was supposed to lure us into the shop but it didn’t work too well.
big ass shark.

But it did get pretty close to our running kid. RUN, AVA. RUN!!

Too late!!! Chomp chomp chomp!
great white shark.

We also stopped off at a bird sanctuary that also was supposed to have alligators. I guess the one alligator that hung out in the marsh was too cold to come out and show off his teeth and laid hidden in the reeds.
watch out dan!

But we did get to check out lots of birds down the wooden paths they built over this body of water. There are even lookout towers for an eagle’s eyes view of the place.

Our final stop of the day was to the marina to check out the dolphins that hang out there all day long. But the girls had a better idea. Enough sight-seeing. It’s playground time.

At around 6pm, we caught the last trolley of the day and said good-bye to our awesome trolley driver. When we got back to the Airstream, we found a nice email from our neighbors who checked out our blog… but who were feeling too under the weather to say hello. Thanks for reaching out and saying hi! And for a second surprise? Mila started to sit up. Kinda. In that cute wobbly baby way. Good job, Mila!!
mila starting to sit up.

Tomorrow we will say good-bye to Port Aransas as we continue east to Galveston.

the end,


Rich Luhr · March 1, 2010 at 6:59 am

Remember what I warned you? Don’t post anything critical of the local campground until after you leave! 😉

Dan · March 1, 2010 at 8:13 am

I do remember that tip! As a matter of fact, I scheduled yesterday’s post to go live as we were leaving the place so we didn’t have an awkward confrontation like you had.

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