Day 91: Asheville East KOA Kampground.

After spending a good part of a day in town yesterday, we decided we would stay at the campground and just hangout and relax here. It is sometimes a difficult decision to make to not do any sightseeing because you are constantly nagged with the feeling that you are missing out on something. We figured since we are staying 2 more days here than we originally anticipated, we can afford to take things slow.

ohoh. look at dada's car.


Day 89: Into the Great Smokies.

Last night getting to Asheville, North Carolina was another late one. Google Maps let us down again and took us to a Walmart that was not there. Running low on fuel and driving in the windy and narrow roads of the Great Smoky Mountains looking for an alternate boondocking place caused just a little bit of anxiety for Marlene.

asheville walmart.

We woke up in the morning and got a real sense about what the Great Smokies are all about. The fog sure makes everything a little blurry. Or maybe that’s just our camera..


Day 88: Traveling through the Carolinas.

This morning we left our campground in Charleston, South Carolina to make our way north. And Ava left the campground in tears because she started to miss our doggy neighbor before we even had to say good-bye to him. On top of having a crying kid in the car, we also had a trash bag full of stuff we needed to donate. As we drove into the capital of South Carolina for the day, we quickly found a thrift store to drop off our crying kid old clothes and household items. Ahhhhhh! It feels so good to be reorganized again. But I doubt it will last long.
donation time.


Day 85: Forsyth Park picnic for Mother’s Day.

Today I woke to a special surprise. Dan cooked breakfast for me!!! Just kidding. He does that every day for me. He cooks. I clean. It’s our little arrangement. But I did wake up to this. A card from the girls. And look who wrote ‘mama’ for the first time. Thanks Ava!! Wait a second!? Is that a bridge in the middle on my name? Ava, are you making fun of my fear of bridges? Nice, Ava. Real nice.
ava's mothers day card.


Day 82: Tybee Island, Georgia.

Last night when we got back to the campsite, I walked over to the registration office to see if anyone from the Prevost rally had canceled. And wouldn’t you know it, one person did. And exactly one. I walked in at just the right moment too because just before I left the office with my new car tag in hand for another 3 nights, someone called to inquire about the recently sold out campground. Sorry buddy, looks like it’s just us and the buses this weekend.

girls in a tub.


Day 80: Forget Paula Deen, go to Mrs. Wilkes.

We got back into town today in Savannah with one mission in mind, we were going to get into Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House Dining Room for lunch. Now that we have a pretty good sense about the city, we felt more comfortable just driving to where we need to go and begin our explorations from there. As we drove by to see how the line was looking, we were surprise to find that it had not reached to the end of the street and best of all, we got to park right in front of the restaurant.

waiting in line for mrs. wilkes.