Oh little Mila. Our little sad goose with an earache. Not even big sister hugs can make her feel better today. Poor thing. And she refuses to sleep in the Airstream. So you know what that means, naps in the car and baby carrier today.


Time to head into town. But not before a quick visit from A LOT of ducklings and their mama.


And all together now… AHHHHHHHHHHH!

baby ducks.

First stop of the day. Sunny Point Cafe. We randomly picked this winner out of our trusty road trip book and it ends up that they are in the running for Best Breakfast in the USA.

sunnypoint cafe.

And we could see why it was in the running. The Huevos Rancheros that Dan ordered were pretty good. And the Breakfast Sandwich with Chipotle Cheese Grits were oh so good too.

breakfast at sunnypoint cafe.

It’s a weekday (aka workday) so Dada Dan parked the van in downtown Asheville and worked in the van for a bit while the girls and I discovered what Asheville had to offer. There were tons of little boutiques and artsy stores. Most were mom and pop shops but there was one store there that Ava knew would help us pass time. (Please ignore the fact that my toddler is flashing gang signs.)

downtown asheville.

She loves trying on the sunglasses and shoes at Urban Outfitters. Check out that arm pose.


Looking good, Ava. Looking good.


After supporting a local shop by purchasing some new chew toys for sad Mila, Dada was all done with work and ready for a break.

downtown asheville.

Yup. A beer in the middle of the day. And Nutella sandwiches for us too. For some reason Ava didn’t want to eat her snack because the bread was too toasty… so we gave her our ‘are-you-nuts?!?!‘ faces and devoured the sandwiches with our ales. Oh yeah. It was good.

snack time.

One of the most famous places in town is the Biltmore House. The country’s largest private residence, built in the late 1800s by the Vanderbilt Family. We went back and forth all week about visiting. I know this place would be amazing to visit but we just can’t swallow the $55 admission price… per person. Ouch. Maybe next time.

biltmore house.

If this is the size of the front entry gate, you KNOW this house is going to be massive.

entry gate at biltmore.

Our RV neighbor from Charleston told us that we had to peek at the McDonald’s across the street from the Biltmore. He didn’t tell us what was in there but just that it was different than the rest of the McDonald’s we’ve been to in the past. And he was right. This one had a fancy fireplace and a player’s piano in the middle of the place.

mcdonalds across from biltmore.

And beautiful ceilings and chandeliers. Look at that! We just saved $110. Hehe.

mcdonalds across from biltmore.

Just as the sun was setting that evening, the craziest thunderstorm blew through our campsite. Super strong rain, lightning and thunder on top of each other and hail too. Thankfully it only lasted for about twenty minutes… because that creek was awfully close to our campsite already. And I didn’t want to find out if aluminum floats!

crazy hail storm.

Look at these suckers! I could not believe how loud it was in the Airstream. It felt like we were under attack. The girls didn’t know what to think of the whole thing. And Yoda the cat was not a happy camper.


the end,



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