mila in front of our airstream.

We arrived at our first Texas destination, Balmorhea State Park, in the dark. So we really didn’t have any idea how this place looked in the daytime. This campground is actually set-up pretty cool. Every site is surrounded by a picnic area (many are covered by these white adobe shelters) and a tiny island that houses the electric and water hook-ups… and you get to pull through to your own section of the paved road.

balmorhea state park.

The 77,053 square foot San Solomon Spring is the focal point of Balmorhea State Park. From 22 to 28 million gallons of water flow through the spring-fed swimming pool each day. Here are Dan and Ava touching one of the springs during our morning walk.
san solomon springs.

And this is just a portion of the pool. This thing is HUGE. So we walked straight back to the Airstream to get ready for a swim in this thing.
san solomon springs.

As soon as Dan stepped into the pool, these tiny fish swarmed his feet. Oh oh. And this happened next.

No way, José. NO WAY! But with some convincing, Ava decided to take a dip if Dada held her… and then this happened.

Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!! The fishes are touching me!!!!!!!!!!!!
no! fish! no! fish!

And then Ava and I sat around as Dan showed her how the little fishes don’t like this side of the pool. Time for try #2.
come in ava!

Nope. Nopety nope. (Notice her feet. Not even her toes were safe from those HUGE fish. LOL.)
feet on face.

Come on Ava. The third time is the charm.
me and mila.

You can do it.
you scared of a little fish?

Fine. One more time.

HAHAHAHA! Nice try Ava. Nice try. We should have expected this. During our road trip so far, she has developed a fear of gnats and her sister’s toe jam. No joke.
scared again.

The rest of the afternoon was spent out of the pool, collecting treasures (a.k.a. colorful plastic bits, a.k.a. trash) from the dirt with her buddy.
treasure hunting.

All that screaming in the pool worked up our appetites. It was time for Dan to try out his new disposable grill that he bought online for some ridiculously low price. None of us were too sure we would be eating tonight.
dan's disposable bbq.

But look at this. Fire. And men staring at it.


And low and behold, we ate. And they were some tasty burgers too.

the end,


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