Today we packed up the Airstream to head further down the Keys. But not into the unknown as usual. Everyone warned us about how crowded the keys are this time of year so we made reservations for all 9 days just to be on the safe side. Even though we booked these sites a couple months ago, it was still nearly impossible to find spots. So during these 9 days, we have reservations at 3 different campgrounds.
wait for me!

I guess I should mention something else about John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park before we officially check-out of here. Ummmm, I dented the van door. There I said it. Totally my fault. The very first dent all because of me. No need to bring it up again… because Dan likes to talk about it every chance he gets! Ummm, did I do that?

I can usually complain about anything. It’s my special talent. But driving down the Overseas Highway? No complaints here. Not yet anyways. Look at this view. And those crazy Florida drivers from the mainland must not like it down here because we haven’t had to slam on our brakes yet.
view from car.

We also passed by one of the places we are considering taking Ava. The Dolphin Research Center. Depending how much money you want to fork out, you can simply hang out near them or get to ride one. I’m thinking that we will pass on this. I don’t want to shell out a couple hundred bucks only to have Ava freeze up. Remember how she was at Butterfly World? Or with the fishes at Balmorahea? No? Well she is scared of her sister’s toe jam. Seriously. So, maybe another time when the girls are older… because I really want to go there to pay my respects to Flipper. Yup, she is buried there.

Next stop, Sunshine Key. I really really didn’t want to stay at another private RV resort but we felt like we had to make reservations and this was the only place that had openings on the weekend. And no wonder they had openings. This place is huge!
sunshine key.

While researching our Florida Keys stay, we imagined that we would be waterfront the entire time. But once again, we were not. We found our spot and noticed a ton of Airstreams all around us. Looks like we showed up to an Airstream rally… quite by accident. I hope they don’t throw eggs at us for not having any red Wally numbers!
our spot at sunshine key.

Tada! We found the water. It’s only 3 “blocks” from our site. Yippee. Wonder why no one is out here enjoying the sand?

Oh oh. I think we are standing in QUICKSAND! There is something serious going on here. It is a very uneasy feeling to have your foot swallowed up by the sand unexpectedly.
the sand ate our feet.

We quickly left the beach for some more stable ground. What do you think Mila? Are we safe here?

I would say so! The pool area at Sunshine Key is awesome. Nicely landscaped. Tiki umbrellas. Only thing missing is a pina colada in my hand.
pool at sunshine key.

On our way back to our site, we admired lots of other Airstreams… and this guy. How awesome is this thing!?!?! That is one serious RVer.
big rig rv.

When we got back to our Airstream, Ava and I remembered that Dada did not join us on our quicksand adventure. He was stuck at the site setting up for our 3 night stay.
inside our airstream.

Ava wasn’t as freaked out by the sand experience as I was. Probably because she is much lighter and didn’t sink too far down.
keys sunset.

But Dada? Dada is a bit heavier than us girls… and really started sinking!!! So much so that his flip flops got stuck in the sand and he had a really hard time getting them out. And when he did… they broke!

Rest in Peace flip flops.
broken flip flop!

the end,

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[…] you would expect. The grains of sand are so fine, it almosts feels like wet clay. Just like what what happened to me at Sunshine Key, your feet sink like you are in quicksand. I quickly took off my sandals fearing that I might lose […]

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