Day 72: Harvest Festival at Brighton State Rec Area.

A lot of people ask us how we manage three kids in such a small space. And I am not ashamed to admit this. They watch TV. Especially in the mornings when things need to get done. And what do they watch? Well, the girls both need to agree on what to watch. If they do not agree, then no TV. That is that. Mila is currently in love with all things Toy Story and Ava prefers Looney Tunes.

And the reason why I am not ashamed is because the kids get to explore the country. City by city. State by state. They walk, run, skip and whine their way across America. And it is exhausting at times, for all of us. So a little downtime is necessary, especially for the grown-ups. The thing I really miss on this trip is having babysitters. We get no break. No, I am not whining. Just telling it like it is. So, for some peace and quiet, the TV works while we are in the Airstream.

And how do I get some peace and quiet from Luka? Haha, good one!


Day 68: Visiting Lake Huron at Bay City, Michigan.

Last night we spent the night at a Walmart in Traverse City. It is the first night of boondocking since we replaced our batteries in Grand Rapids just before we headed to Grand Haven. I also was able to charge up our pair of old batteries while we were plugged into power in Ludington and connected them via the umbilical cord for extra amp hours. They worked great. It is the first time for us to wake up in the morning after running the furnace off and on all night and still be in the green on the monitors. As we start to head south, we will be able to last much longer without having to run the furnace and get better charge from our solar panels.

Day 68: Heading south to Bay City, Michigan.