A lot of people ask us how we manage three kids in such a small space. And I am not ashamed to admit this. They watch TV. Especially in the mornings when things need to get done. And what do they watch? Well, the girls both need to agree on what to watch. If they do not agree, then no TV. That is that. Mila is currently in love with all things Toy Story and Ava prefers Looney Tunes.

And the reason why I am not ashamed is because the kids get to explore the country. City by city. State by state. They walk, run, skip and whine their way across America. And it is exhausting at times, for all of us. So a little downtime is necessary, especially for the grown-ups. The thing I really miss on this trip is having babysitters. We get no break. No, I am not whining. Just telling it like it is. So, for some peace and quiet, the TV works while we are in the Airstream.

And how do I get some peace and quiet from Luka? Haha, good one!

The girls are super excited today. Today is the day the get to do some early trick-or-treating at the Harvest Festival being thrown right here at our campground in Brighton State Recreation Area. I packed some of their princess dresses before we left for this adventure and have kept them hidden in the van until today.

Mirror mirror on the the wall, who let their little girls wear lip gloss today? Me!

This is Dada Dan. He is a big ol’ grump today. I could only find two umbrellas so he had to walk around with the girls while little tiny raindrops fell from the sky. Boo hoo.

Have fun ladies. Make sure you jump in a huge puddle and get Mr. Grumpypants soaking wet.

Most of the campsites were all decked out with pumpkins and decorations. Many of them had pop-ups also to keep themselves and the candy dry.

They girls really don’t like gruesome Halloween decorations. The front office of this campground went a little overboard and every time we drive into the campground, the girls cover their eyes. But camper kept their decor pretty tame. The girls didn’t have to cover their eyes at all. What brave girls…. or maybe they didn’t want to smudge their lip gloss?

This family even made a castle overlay for their fifth wheel with hay on top and completed it with a homemade trebuchet.

After trick-or-treating was all done, Mr. Grumpypants came back to the Airstream with a huge grin on his face. One of the campsites was giving away candy for the kids… and jello shots for the adults. They even gave him two!

I bet that code you are writing is going to look good today. Haha.

Ava and Mila were excited to dive into all the loot in their pink pumpkins. I told them they could have two each. Okay, fine three each.

That is when Mila started going a little nuts thanks to the sugar.

And I don’t think a little TV is going to fix this!

the end,

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jerry · October 26, 2012 at 8:36 am

My friend Ivana on her Modern Moms blog talked about the affects
of sugar. Mila’s expressions are priceless as her sugar high ensues.

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