We are starting to get to know this little town of Fruita pretty well in our 5 nights here so far but that only means we will be moving on soon. Our first morning here, we tried to eat at the Hot Tomato Cafe only to find that most of the stores and restaurants here are closed on Mondays. Almost a whole week has gone by and we are finally getting around to try our luck again.


I have noticed that there is a growing sentiment against food pics on the Internet, but I won’t apologize for posting them. We love going to local eateries when we are traveling. We also love to look back at our old blog posts to reminisce at all of the places we have been. These photos are like time machines to us. Every time we look at them, it feels like we are brought right back in that moment.


At this moment, I am eating an awesome Thai Chicken Salad.


“Daddy! Stop taking pictures of my food! I want to eat it now!”

OK, maybe not all of us are fans of food pictures.


Our agenda for today besides eating at the Hot Tomato Cafe is to do some shopping in Old Town Fruita. Right next door to the  cafe, is a cool little store called The Vintage Common. It is a cool little store that sells vintage-ware as well as handmade goods from local artists and designers. We found this awesome 70s vintage lunch box for 20 bucks. It is a family driving in a van with a sign that says ‘See America’. SOLD!

Since we are leaving tomorrow for the Rockies, we promised the girls that we would take them go swimming again at the Fruita Rec Center.


Ava is now an amazing swimmer for a 5 year old. She can swim pretty much the length of the pool while keeping her head above water. She built a lot of confidence on our last visit here a couple of days ago when she jumped off of the diving board for the first time. Today she went down a water slide for the first time without her floaties as well!


Soon Mila will be graduating to Ava’s lady bug floaties so Luka can take over Mila’s hand-me-downs.


Not to be out done by big sister, Mila is also getting fearless when jumping into the pool.

Our little mermaid, Ava.

Here is our little mermaid Ava. She cannot get enough of swimming.


After an marathon 4 hour swim session, somehow they had more energy to try their hands on some basketball.


Now I wouldn’t be a good dad if I didn’t do the ol’ lift-me-up-for-a-slam-dunk move.


And you too Mila. I’ll take this as an assist.


How about another food pic? OK, since you asked, I shall oblige. Tomorrow, we are headed into the Rockies.

over and out,


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