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Day 27: Completing the Denver Aluma-Trifecta with the Coors Brewery Tour.

I don’t want to assume but I suspect we might be the only people who have ever completed the Denver Aluma-Trifecta. If you have never heard of the Denver Aluma-Trifecta, don’t worry, I just made it up. As many of you know, we just attended the inaugural Alumafandango event at Lakeside, CO. We also ate at the original Chipotle Mexican Grill yesterday. Today, we will be visiting the birthplace of the Silver Bullet: The Coors Brewing Company.

Day 27: Completing the Denver Aluma-Trifecta.

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Day 26: Finally getting to explore Denver.

We decided that we would stay 3 nights when we checked into Clear Creek yesterday. That means we need to use the days we have left in Denver wisely. We have a lot of places we want to see and today is our first chance to check some of those items off of the list. First stop, we are off to the REI store in Denver we have heard so much about.

Day 26: Finally getting to explore Denver.

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Day 22: Airstream Open House and Roller Coaster Rides.

On day 4 of Alumafandango, the awesomeness continued. Today, the local PBS station came by in the morning to do a piece on vintage trailers and interviewed our neighbor Diane who is the proud owner of 4 vintage Airstreams and a Spartan. They even came by our trailer for just a minute to video us working on our computers as some b-roll that will probably never see the light of day.


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Day 18: Awesome Children’s Museum in Denver, Colorado.

Tomorrow we are headed to the inaugural Alumafandango Airstream event in Lakeside a few miles down the road so today will be our last day here in Golden. The original plan was to go spend the day in the Golden Community Center which seemed a lot like the community center we loved so much in Fruita. But after all, it is Monday. That means I am stuck in the Airstream corresponding and working with my clients while Marlene and the kids had to find something else to do.


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