On Sunday, Ava and I were awaken from our long long afternoon nap by the sound of Dan slamming the Airstream door closed. Does anyone else have problem? Not the problem of having a husband that can’t for the life of him shut a door without waking the dead… but the problem with shutting an Airstream door without pulling muscles you didn’t know you had? Well we do and I have the sinking feeling that it’s completely normal and I better stop complaining about it. Whoa is me.

So after giving Dan the evil eye, Ava put on her wild wild west poncho and we drove over to Silver City Ghost Town.


As soon as we got there, we were greeted by a cat named Izzy, a very appropriately named cat from Lake Isabella. Ava proceeded to call for the cat the entire time we were there. So much so that it made me a bit concerned that she wasn’t getting enough oxygen in her lungs. Breathe Ava, Breathe.

Here is Ava next to a wagon. Exciting stuff, huh? Sure we took her there to take some obligatory photos and to check out authentic old west buildings but we were really visiting for one huge reason… to look for GHOSTS!!!

After paying a $4.50 admission fee, we wandered inside of the Silver City Ghost Town for some hunting. (*cuing the spooky music now*). Ghost hunting.  (*stopping the spooky music now*). I had been prepping Ava on what to say to me all day long if she saw a ghost. She had shown some ability to see dead people in the past so I thought I would test her abilities in this quaint little town.
Silver City Ghost Town

Our first stop of the self-guided tour was the outhouse. As soon as we opened the door to check it out, Izzy the cat ran like a bat out of hell in order to sit on the commode with my brother David. And before I could get a clear picture, she was gone. Disappeared in a poof of smoke! Umm, not really. She went into the wooden toilet bowl and got “flushed” onto the ground. Maybe the cat is a ghost that we all can see! I’m stretching, I know.

Next stop… Jail. Surely there must be ghosts in here.

I asked Ava if she saw any see-thru people in the jail cell. She didn’t say much but she did point at the ceiling…

… and then decided it was time to get hell out of here. NOW. How’s that for proof of ghosts? Still not good enough? Tough crowd. Tough. Crowd.

Ava, do you feel the presence of ghosts in this tiny railroad cart to nowhere?
Choo Choo

No Mama but who’s that man standing right behind you? Just kidding!

Inside of a number of buildings, there were Cowboy and Native American mannequins which freaked Ava out a little bit.

This building was one a the few that didn’t have any mannequins inside. I took a picture of it to see if I would get any mysterious orbs in the photos… so I could brag to my ghost-loving friend Carrie that I got an orb… so Dan can just shoot us down. (*Me shaking my fist in the air at nay-saying Dan right now*). After reviewing the photo is close detail, I realized that I did not get any orbs. Not one single orb. But I got something better. Something that made me pee my pants just a teeny bit. I said a teeny bit. Not a lot bit. I zoomed into the window pane and just to the right of it, I saw…
Native American Ghost Face picture!

… a Native American chief! No shit! He has a head piece in the top half and his face is in the bottom half. Check out his scary mouth near the bottom of the outline!! If that is not proof, I don’t know what is! You can click here to see it a bit larger if you still don’t believe me.

Thanks Silver City Ghost Town… and Izzy the Cat. We had a blast. I just hope that scary ghost doesn’t follow us back to the Airstream!
Silver City Ghost Town

the end,

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Victoria · April 20, 2009 at 5:22 pm

Well i was a silver city last week and i wanted to see some ghost also. With all my luck i took as many picures as possible. in the anique shop they have there. There a pictures of ghost that happened to be in a picture. When I was going through my camera I saw a Yellowish dot in the tree. then I zoomed up and saw that it was ghost up in the tree. It was pretty cool but if I were you i wouldn’t be to sure thats a ghost

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