Day 14: Out of Arizona and into New Mexico.

Today is the day. Today is a traveling day and today we are taking Mali Mish further east than we’ve ever been before. We had stayed in The Shady Dell for 5 nights and this morning we packed up the Airstream and headed back out on the road. After all, we are on this trip to go new places and see new things.

shady dell t-shirts.

Of course we had to take a souvenir of Shady Dell with us. T-Shirts and post cards will do.

Day 13: Old Town Bisbee, Arizona.

We decided last night that today was going to be our last full day in Bisbee. We wanted to get out and start seeing some sights. As good as relaxing at The Shady Dell sounds to us, if we didn’t get our act together on this road trip, we could veg out here forever. So the plan is to soak up all that we can today in Bisbee and head out into New Mexico tomorrow.

trying to find the birds that thought tap dancing on our airstream at 6am was a good idea.

I think Yoda overheard our conversation and decided if she is going to stalk Bisbee birds, this is going to be her last chance.


Day 12: Tombstone, Arizona.

Today is the third Monday of February which means it is President’s Day. We’ve been in Bisbee for 3 days now since last Friday and it is as crowded as we have ever seen. The last 2 trips here we only stayed a couple of nights each and I believe both trips landed in the middle of the week. This part of Arizona is sort of off the beaten path and unless you come to Arizona a lot, you would probably stick closer to the bigger towns.

clifford the big red dog on pbs.

If you read yesterday’s post, you would have learned that we finally connected with Claire and Daniel who are wrapping up their year long trip in their vintage Airstream Caravel. Their daughters Sophia and Lulu are close to our girls’ age and Ava is very excited to have a playmate for the next few days. Sophia came by in the morning to say hi to Ava and we invited her in for some Clifford the Big Red Dog on PBS kids.


Day 8: Hitched up for an Airstream play date.

We have big plans today. It is our checkout day at Cactus Country RV Resort and time for us to move on to the next stop. But before we can get back on the road, we have a full day booked.

Leaving Cactus Country RV Resort

We packed up a lot of our gear the previous night before heading to bed so we could try to checkout of Cactus Country by 8AM. If you know how these plans typically go, you would agree that we did pretty well by finally pulling out of there at 9:30.


Day 7: Another rainy day in Tucson.

We had today all planned out. We were either going to go to the Collossal Caves or the Pima Air Museum. Both spots were super close to our campground and would make perfect half day trips. But no. The rain showed up. Again. Grrrrr. And since both spots involved walking outside, our sight-seeing day went down the toilet.

But look what we did instead. Wait a second! Did we go to the San Xavier Del Bac Mission again? I wish. We did what a lot of other parents do when it rains and their kids go stir crazy in the house (or in our case… the airstream). We went to the mall!
san xavier del bac mission. table at mall.


Day 6: Downtown Tucson.

After almost a week of dilly-dallying, we finally got our act together to see some sights. If you have ever gone on a road trip of this magnitude, you would know how much work it is to just finally get out of the house. Towards the end of our preparation, we left a lot of the final tasks to be done while we are already on the road. That is pretty much what we have been doing for the last few days, and there is much more to do.

Hotel Congress

Tucson, Arizona is one of our favorite places to be during this time of year. Even though we have been here 3 other times before, we decided we wanted to come back again on our way out. It’s familiar, it’s non-intimidating, and it’s really easing our way into the journey one step at a time.


Day 5: Clean clothes and a hitch from Rich.

Why haven’t we started sight-seeing yet? We’ve become homebodies. I think the stress of planning this trip with all the other things that led up to us being here did a number on us. So we are in relaxation mode right now. And that is alright.

I was just peeking at some old posts on this blog and on the one I keep for the girls. Life just goes by way too fast. Ava has changed so much since our last trip to Tucson. So! Much! I keep asking her if she remembers places we are revisiting. Like the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch. And she keeps answering that this is her first time here. But at the same time, she keeps asking why David and Carrie are not here (our travel companions from our last trip here). Strange. So I am okay with being a homebody at the moment. Enjoying my kids. Staring at my kid stare. Reach baby, reach! Oh boy. We need to get out. Now.
planning her attack.


Day 4: Rain has finally caught up to us.

We woke up Sunday morning to the sound of rain falling on the aluminum skin of the Airstream. It is actually quite a comforting sound if you can believe it. LA had been getting the brunt of the storm and we got out of there just in time.

Stuck inside because of the rain

Ava woke up bright and early but could not play outside because of the rain so she decided to have a tea party with Woody, Jesse, Buzz and Bullseye. Oh yeah, and her baby duckling.