We got into the greater Denver area last night after the drive over the Rockies. We were beat and needed a place to crash. Marlene called up the Walmart and they gladly took in 5 weary travelers in their parking lot for the night.


We had not expected to already be this close to Alumafandango so we will need to find some things to do for a couple of days.  There are a lot of options in the greater Denver area but we decided to stay to the west side so we are at least closer to Lakeside.


We have heard that the Denver zoo as well as their children’s museum are great to check out so that might be on the agenda for the next 2 days. First of all, we needed to find a campsite. After some searching in the Internet on our phones, we decided to give Clear Creek RV Park a shot in Golden.


As most of you know, Golden Colorado is where the Coors Brewing Company is based. Even though today’s brewing conglomeraties are pretty much all multi-national corporations, Coors definitely still owns the town of Golden.


We drove the Airstream right through downtown Golden and into one of the places we would least expect to find an RV park. It is within walking distance to all of the downtown activities and at a dead end road right next to Clear Creek.


Clear Creek RV Park is run by the city of Golden and it is right in the heart of town. The Clear Creek Whitewater Park is right next to it as is Lion’s park and other community center facilities.


We snagged one of their last electric and water sites which was nothing more than a little space with gravel on the ground.


We didn’t mind the RV park so much since we are literally within a stones throw from this.


The girls got into their swimming suits and floaties but realized that the water was freezing!


Apparently tubing season is nearing an end but you could have fooled me. There were all kinds of people here walking up stream along the sidewalk with tubes and just as many of them floating right down Clear Creek.


The girls were a little too small to go tubing and the water is too cold. So they frolicked for a little bit and we headed over to Lion’s Park for a little playground action.


Somewhere in this tangled human mess is me.


Just within a mile of our campsite is downtown Golden. We had no idea what to expect when we came over here but to have this much to do within walking distance from us is really nice.


Established as a gold-rush town, the city is not actually named after the precious metal found in the mines and rivers. It is named after a Georgian miner named Thomas Golden who struck it rich here and became of political figure in the late 1850s and early 1860s.

Of course today, Golden is known as the home of the Coors Brewing Company. It was founded by Adolph Coors as shown in the statue above. I don’t know what Mila is doing but maybe she was prospecting for gold.


We had dinner at the original Woody’s Wood Burning Pizza restaurant downtown. I of course had to order a Coors Light to go with my pizza. It is true, the beer does taste better in the Rockies. I am pretty sure I have to say that or they might kick me out of this town.

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