Why haven’t we started sight-seeing yet? We’ve become homebodies. I think the stress of planning this trip with all the other things that led up to us being here did a number on us. So we are in relaxation mode right now. And that is alright.

I was just peeking at some old posts on this blog and on the one I keep for the girls. Life just goes by way too fast. Ava has changed so much since our last trip to Tucson. So! Much! I keep asking her if she remembers places we are revisiting. Like the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch. And she keeps answering that this is her first time here. But at the same time, she keeps asking why David and Carrie are not here (our travel companions from our last trip here). Strange. So I am okay with being a homebody at the moment. Enjoying my kids. Staring at my kid stare. Reach baby, reach! Oh boy. We need to get out. Now.
planning her attack.

We ended up visiting our Airstream friends Rich, Eleanor and Emma again on this trip. We were planning on just visiting for a bit but we all ended up chatting about life on the road for who knows how long. And then Rich busted out A MAP and it was all over. Dan and I took pages and pages of notes on all awesome places they visited on the southern route. So we are now set for our trip to Florida. Hmmm. But we didn’t talk about where to go when we need to leave Florida. Oh oh.

Ava was so excited to play with Emma. It took awhile for Ava to warm up (as usual) but once she did, it was Emma Emma Emma. Here they are playing dinosaurs in the living room.
ava and emma with dinosaurs.

And here is picture of them 14 months ago. LOL. Playing with dinosaurs. Well, scratch that. It appears that Ava is eating the dinosaurs. Sorry about that Emma.
Ava and Emma

Then it was time to say good-bye. Oh no! We almost forgot something!
ava and emma.

Our “new to us” Hensley hitch! That’s right! We are moving on up! Rich spotted this hitch for us on Craig’s List and sent Dan an email about it right away. It was priced super low. Too good to be true. Rich was kind enough to check it out for us and gave it his thumbs up. Awesome. I guess it wasn’t too good to be true after all. Thanks again Rich! We owe you big time. Actually repeat after me. “I love Rich Luhr. Rich Luhr is the greatest. He saved me $2,400 today!” Hehe.
talking about the hensley hitch.

Last time we were here we got to check out their 30ft Airstream and on this trip we got to check out their vintage Airstream Caravel a.k.a. “the Sparestream”. I just love that screen door. Home Sweet Home. And was Ava excited about the screen door too? Nope. She’s screaming for Emma.
looking for emma.

Back at the campsite, it was time for a dose of reality. Laundry. And not just any laundry. Laundromat laundry. I hate thinking about public washing machines. So I will think about the upside. I get to do 3 loads of laundry. At. The. Same. Time.
laundry day.

Did I mention that Mila LOVES her feet. True love, I think.
mila LOVES her feet.

Until she discovered her toes. Hehe.
toe sucking.

Here we go again. We seriously need to get out more.
ava hat.

the end,


Rich Luhr · February 10, 2010 at 8:03 am

Thanks for chanting the mantra. Don’t worry about Florida, you’ll know when it’s time to go. The weather will tell you, if nothing else. Happy travels!

Manisha · November 12, 2015 at 5:48 pm

Doing three loads of laundry at once is definitely a bonus when using public laundromats!

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