Inching closer to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

We woke up at the Walmart in Gallup and now we are officially in New Mexico. We have a couple of days to explore before we need to rendezvous with the WBCCI group for the Balloon Fiesta. This whole government shutdown has taken out a lot of exploring options for us on this leg of our trip.

This. Right here. It's why we travel. #siblingbonding


Day 196: Rockhound State Park, New Mexico.

As we drove west last night out of Las Cruces, we contemplated making the long drive all the way into Arizona and settle somewhere in Tucson. That would have been a really long trek and we would be missing a stretch of I-10 that we have not explored much in the past. We decided to stop at the town of Deming, New Mexico for dinner and stay the night at the Wal-Mart.



Day 110: Aztec Ruins and Durango, Colorado.

After 2 nights in Albuquerque we decided that it is time for us to move on. We are so close to being home that a little bit of post trip depression is creeping up on us. Driving a few hundred miles a day is now our daily routine so any place we go from here is basically a weekend trip for us once we get home. The obvious thing for us to do is stay on I-40 and drive towards Flagstaff, Arizona but we decided to squeeze in another state, or maybe 2, before it is all over.

What do you think Mila? Is it a good idea? “Ummmm, me thinks yesss!”

leaving albuquerque.