Tomorrow we are headed to the inaugural Alumafandango Airstream event in Lakeside a few miles down the road so today will be our last day here in Golden. The original plan was to go spend the day in the Golden Community Center which seemed a lot like the community center we loved so much in Fruita. But after all, it is Monday. That means I am stuck in the Airstream corresponding and working with my clients while Marlene and the kids had to find something else to do.


Hopefully we will be able to come back to Golden later this week to check out the community center as they seem to have a pretty awesome pool for the girls. We’d like to get some more swimming days in before the weather gets too cold.

The alternate plan for today will be the Children’s Museum in Denver. It is an 18 mile drive from Golden but we have heard a lot of great things about this place.


Ava has been asking about going to a children’s museum multiple times a day since we left Las Vegas. We have not been in a town big enough to have one and today, she was able to fulfill her wish and our ears will get some rest for awhile.


Most children’s museums have the usual fireman costumes but this one had a full-size fire truck. There is also these really cool stations complete with supplies and tools for kids to make whatever they can imagine.


It comes complete with a bench vise, hammer, screw driver and even safety goggles. I wish I had a workshop like this in the Airstream.


There is also the usual grocery store with aisles of fake food and checkout counters.


Ava looks a little bored here but she doesn’t really mind. She is on a double overnight shift here making triple time. Cha-Ching!


This bubbles area is also very popular. Good thing they had cover-ups for them because apparently, bubbles were everywhere.


The coolest thing is probably this cage that you can stand in and make soap bubble walls all the way around you.


Get it Ava! Don’t let it get away!


Something that the girls really got into is a section they called ‘Under My Feet & Over My Head’.


It’s an area where they got to dress up as either an animal or insect and play in human-scale replicas of their habits. Ava wanted to be a bird and she was hording all of the stuffed baby birds to put in her nest.


Mila was an ant and decided to also horde these plush balls that I have no idea what they are.


Whatever they are, apparently the birds here like to eat them.


The girls also love the dance studio exhibit with more dress up clothes.


Mila was too busy doing some kind of interpretive tap dance. She is definitely the hippie of our two girls.


Ava sticks to a more to a traditional style of choreography here with her rendition of Swan Lake.

This place was so big, the girls didn’t even get to the outdoor water exhibit that is only open until Wednesday. Marlene wanted to wait to do it last in case they got wet but before they knew it, it was 4pm and they kicked everyone out.


We headed back into downtown Golden for dinner since it might be my last chance to have a Coors before we leave tomorrow morning. We are looking forward to meeting lots of other Airstreamers at Alumafandango. It will be our first Airstream event and if you are going, we hope to see you there!

over and out,


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