Seward, Alaska.

Seward, Alaska is a bustling port town and the gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park. Back in 1964, the Great Alaskan earthquake of magnitude 9.2 immediately sank the entire waterfront of the town. The town decided to not rebuild on the land that makes up the new waterfront. Instead of building on Read more…

Chiricahua Mountains and Phoenix, Arizona.

Leaving Tombstone meant that we were once again looking for a place to stay for a few days. I have to visit the office in Santa Barbara in a few days so we decided that eventually heading over the Phoenix was the way to go since they have direct flights. But we were not so eager to go to a big city yet. We first made a few stops along the eastern part of the state.

The road up to Chiricahua National Monument is not travel trailer friendly. So just inside the gates of the park, we got an okay from the ranger to detach the #airstream and head on in with just the van. While we spent a few hours exploring, the Mish sat


Buckeye Regional Park and Phoenix, Arizona.

When we left Salvation Mountain, we decided to make the drive all the way to the Phoenix area. We made the 250 mile drive which is a long ways for us in one night. We decided to check out Buckeye Regional Park which offers free camping in designated sites. It was kind of tricky getting to a new spot at night but we managed to find a good spot.