Being here near Palm Springs feels like we are already home. This is one of our go-to places for a getaway while we are home based and even though we are still technically full-timing across the country, it definitely feels like our trip is all but over. Officially, it will be in a couple of days but it is hard for us to make that distinction. We still won’t have a house to move into for a couple of weeks but we will be sleeping under a roof supported by walls sitting on a concrete foundation at Marlene’s parents house.

no privacy.

For now, we are enjoying these last few days while we still can. Luka is no longer the helpless 3-month old baby he was when we left last July. Here is is looking for his mommy who is taking a little private time in the bathroom.


Ava and Mila both had birthdays on the road. As a 6 year old, she has been learning about all of the place we have visited with her teacher/momma.


In the last 7 months, we have visited 24 states. We visited a bunch more states that we didn’t get to see during our last trip and retraced our steps about half of the time. Ava is starting to get a real hang of the US geography.


She can even start to pass down some of the wisdom to her sister and brother.


She is starting to learn that, much like her parents, alone time is difficult to come by with little ones around.


It is especially nice when someone finally goes down for a rare nap in the Airstream.


One of the biggest differences between this and our last trip in 2010 is that Ava now has a playmate wherever she goes.


Mila was not quite a year old back in 2010 and Ava had to just deal with us across the entire country and back.


Now she has her sister and best friend to be with day in and day out. As for Mila, Ava’s affection is definitely reciprocated. There is no one else Mila would rather be with than her big sister.


With just a few days officially left on the road, we are trying to make the best of it.


I’ve said it many times before, these kids never have any fun.


We have some more smaller trips planned in the near future with anticipation of a much bigger trip planned in about a year or so. If everything works out as planned, we will once again be back on the road.


All that hanging out and relaxing at the playground gave the girls adult-size appetites. We found a nice Vietnamese noodle shop for dinner.


Of course there is ALWAYS room for frozen yogurt.

over and out,

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Danielle · May 20, 2013 at 11:12 am

What a great way to grow up! I would love to do this with our two boys!

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