It was nice to wake up at a full hookup campground and we are starting to settle into our groove. The kids got to watch some movies in the morning while we got breakfast ready. On the agenda today, not much.


Although we have only been in the Airstream for 2 nights, we have a full week worth of laundry including the 5 nights we spent in Vegas.


We had decided yesterday that we would spend today just being lazy. That means we are not planning on being too far away from the campground. I have to catch up on a lot of work today so Marlene will be taking the kids out for a little field trip into Panguitch.


First thing the girls did was to buy some post cards to send back home. Ava is now a pro stick figure artist. Mila’s drawings are also getting a lot better. Check out the sweet glasses on the pink face!


Panguitch surprisingly has pretty decent Sprint coverage as well as great TV reception from all of the major networks. That is pretty amazing to me because where we lived in Ventura, being only a hour away from Los Angeles, we couldn’t even get ABC. We got into the Olympic spirit for a moment and watched part of the women’s volleyball game before Marlene and the kids headed up the street to check out the town.


Just as they left, the rain started to pour down. Even though it was the only heavy rain of the day and was for just a few minutes, it happened exactly as they drove off.


Once the heavy storm clouds passed, they realized that nothing in the town is open today. I guess a little town like this in Utah basically shuts down on Sundays.


Panguitch, a Native America phrase for ‘Big Fish’, was originally settled by a Danish pioneer turned Mormon back in 1864. Because of the high elevation at 6,600 feet, they had a tough time raising their crops. The major trade before World War I was primarily ranching, logging and brick making. Many of the buildings here are made of brick made right here in town.


Here is a look at one of the original brick buildings still standing today.


How did these guys get in there? I thought they were closed?!


The girls had a fun time running around this quaint little town that runs mainly off of tourism today being close to the beautiful Bryce Canyon National Park.


Me on the other hand, was looking pretty much like this all day trying to pay the bills.


At least I was able to connect to the campground’s WiFi and play some music on Pandora. Amazingly, the first song that popped up was a tune by one of our favorite bands “Kind of Like Spitting” featuring none other than Marlene’s brother David, AKA “Uncle Deets”.


After a simple home cooked dinner in the Airstream, we decided to take a walk towards the other end of town to see the sunset. To our surprise, this Coffee Shop just down the road was open. It is probably one of the only places to eat around here because the place was packed full of locals and tourists.


We got a seat at the counter and ordered up some desert.


Guess what Ava and Mila wanted?


Well it’s ice cream of course! And for only 2 bucks, they loaded up the bowl with some awesome vanilla ice cream!


Luka, don’t be envious, you will get in on this action soon enough.


We had exactly the kind of day we were hoping to have. I got some work done, everyone else got to just relax and enjoy the fact that we are finally back on the road. As if you didn’t know what doing nothing means, here is a little video to illustrate.

Tomorrow, we will be heading into Bryce Canyon National Park!

over and out,


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