A lot of people think we are crazy because we travel with an infant. I think it has been something that sort of defines us. During our first cross country trip in 2010, Mila was only 5 months old when we left. In a couple of weeks, we will be heading out again with a 3 1/2 month old baby Luka. The first time around, Mila was not old enough to walk or sit in a compact, collapsible stroller, we had to find a carrier that was comfortable for both the parent and the baby as well as being extremely mobile. After looking and trying at a lot of options, we decided that the Ergobaby carrier was the best solution.
on the bus going sightseeing.
In the shuttle going in to Grand Canyon National Park. Mila here has just turned 9-months old.

When Ava was a baby, we had some of the other carriers like the Baby Bjorn or the simple sling-style carriers. Although they worked reasonably well for the most part, it was agonizingly uncomfortable and back breaking after a long day of sightseeing. The difference is like going on a week-long backpacking trip with a duffle bag or a high-quality backpacking rucksack. Both will do the job of carrying the load but only one will allow you to enjoy the trip.

At Mesa Verde National Park climbing in and out of the cliff dwellings of the Anasazi.

As compared to other baby carriers, the ErgoBaby is designed to place the load not just on the shoulders, but mostly on the hips. It distributes the load and lets you carry the weight comfortably all day long. And that is exactly what we did.

one man band.
Tinkertown Museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico

By now, I have done that “Ergobaby Boogie” probably a million times. If you have ever carried a baby in an Ergobaby carrier, you’d probably know what I am talking about. I can see someone from a hundred yards away doing that little up and down, side to side shake and know immediately that they have a baby in the Ergobaby.

goodbye graceland!
The ladies getting ready to see Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.

The “Ergobaby Boogie” is something that I have only seen parents’ do in the Ergobaby carrier. I think it is because that the design is also very comfortable for the child that they often fall asleep while being carried in it. In fact, towards the end of or trip in 2010, Mila got old enough to signal to us that she wanted to be in the carrier.

crazy cavers.
Cave exploring at Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

With the summer heat cooking the majority of the country, our Ergobaby is going to be much too hot for both me and Luka to be in for the next few months. The materials used in the standard carrier that we own is very high quality but it can get a little sweaty when the weather starts hitting hear the triple digits. Apparently, we were not the only parents that have experienced that problem. Just recently, they came out with a warm weather version of the same great carrier that uses mesh fabric throughout to help with air circulation.

yes, i'm freaking out right now.
Lover’s Leap at Rock City in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

With less than 10 days left before we disembark on another cross country trip, we will once again be bringing an infant all over the country with us. We have had a lot of obstacles to overcome to get ready for this trip but none of them have been associated with how we will carry Luka around with us thanks to the Ergobaby carrier.

mila's fever is back.
Mila awake and looking up at mama from her favorite position.

So whether we are eating ice cream at Tybee Island, Georgia,

tybee island ice cream.

running around along the beaches of the Atlantic coast,


eating Key Lime Pie in the Florida Keys,


Or exploring the inside of a Navy Submarine in Mobile, Alabama,

little doors.

We know that they will be comfortable and ready to take on the road in their favorite mode of transportation.

baby carrier and backpack.

Now if we can just figure out a better way to keep toddlers in check, we will be all set.

our airstream at the shady dell.

the end,


Lani · July 25, 2012 at 11:36 am

I didn’t have an Ergo but I did have something similar that placed the weight on the hips. I know this boogie of which you speak. Emerson spent most of her first eight months in a carrier. I don’t know what I would have done without it! I do want to try the Ergo should I have another baby. I’ve only heard good things! Safe travels!

Susanna · August 4, 2012 at 11:34 pm

Hi Marlene
I’m looking to buy the ergo carrier to take my 6 months old around plus chase after a 4 year old. I tried it on in the shop but couldn’t manage to do up the buckle between my shoulder blades. I just can’t reach them, may be I’m just not flexible enough. Any tips on how to do them up yourself? I agree about the baby Bjorn, very uncomfortable and gave me headaches from the shoulder pain.

marlene · August 5, 2012 at 9:30 am

Hi Susanna! To make that shoulder blade strap easier to buckle, try to loosen that strap completely and move it closer to your neck area before you put the carrier on. Once you get it buckled, then you can readjust it to a more comfortable position. There are also lots of videos on youtube that show how other people put it on. That might help too. Good luck!

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