Day 48: Oh Naples.

The girls were up bright and early and ready for the day. What will it be today, Mama? A beach day? More alligators? What what what?!?!
playing tent.

A bribe?!?!?! NO!!!!!! Sorry kids. It’s another work day at a coffee shop.

This lack of internet and phone service at the campground is a huge pain in the you-know-what. But it is totally our fault. We weren’t thinking and paid for 3 nights before checking our phones. We actually started off at the Barnes and Noble’s bookstore in Naples. I mistakenly went up to the not-very-helpful Help Desk and asked if they had any electrical outlets in the store. The gentleman laughed and told me that “This is not a computer store. This is a bookstore.“. Told you. Not very helpful. Just as we were leaving, Dan was checking out their new Nook E-book and was getting interested about buying one as they are perfect for road trips. I guess an Amazon Kindle it will have to be.
coffee shop wifi.

I felt so burnt out today. I think this skipping down the Florida coast is getting to me. I need to settle down for a few days at a campground with decent  3G service and a sewer connection. Blah. Not even a trip to my favorite store, Anthropologie, could perk me up. And that is saying a lot. And look at us at mall. Eating at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen). So embarrassing. Shame on us. You call this road tripping???

Since our stop at Naples didn’t turn out as we had hoped, we tried to drive thru the town a bit to see what it had to offer. We tried to get to the beach but all of these hotels and condos didn’t allow us to get thru.
large towers near beach.

We finally drove thru a historic area and it let us right to the beach. I jumped out of the van to scope it out and found that it was just a little too windy for the kids. The beach appeared to be as pretty as and obviously more crowded than the past few places we’ve been to. You can see all those hotels and towers in the distance.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon at the campground’s playground.
jungle gym.

Ava also got a chance to ride her new scooter that has been hiding in the back of the van since Austin on these nicely paved roads.

Go Ava, go! Watch out for those alligators… and panthers… and pythons. Oh my.
dada and ava.

And what does Mila do for fun? She still loves grabbing anything in sight… especially the camera.

And practicing sitting like a big girl.

Alright, time to head back to our campsite. Those mosquitoes better not bite as much as they did the night before.
flashing gang signs.

Ya hear?!?!
funny face.

the end,

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