We have fabulous timing. Not only are we in Florida during the most popular time of the year (Spring Break!), but we are also in the most popular Spring Break destination in the state. Lucky us. Because the park was booked for the weekend, we had to pack up after only one night at St. Andrews State Park.

That meant that today was a travel day. And we actually had no idea where our next destination would be. Good-bye tall trees.
bye st. andrew state park.

Good-bye ocean view.

But don’t cry for us Argentina. An Airstream admirer saw us driving down the coast and thanks to our decal, checked out our blog and shot us an email. He had great advice for us regarding state parks in Florida and even invited us for a dip in “his” pool. Ava hasn’t been in a swimming pool since Day 3 of our road trip and we thought this would a great surprise for her. So next stop, Panama Beach Aquatics Center!

This place was awesome. It had a heated 50 Meter Olympic Pool and we nearly had the whole thing to ourselves. I’m sure this place would have been more busy if it wasn’t for the unusual weather. If you can’t tell, today was SUPER windy. It was so windy that I almost went back to Airstream because my little Mila was going to blow away.
so windy.

But the kind lifeguard saved the day and let Mila and me sit in an unoccupied tent at the side of the pool because of the strange gale force winds.

Thanks Will for the awesome time at the pool! We owe you one!! Hope to see you on the road!!!
panama beach aquatic center.

We then hit the road but we didn’t get anywhere too quickly. The coastal highway was jammed pack with cars. Yeah Spring Break 2010! Not. We did get to check out some “interesting” things during our drive. I’m not sure what was more weird. The signs on the side of the road warning us of the explosive disposal range just feet outside our window…

…or this thing? What the?!?!
what the?

We have been trying to eat at local restaurants during this trip instead of the chains that we have in California, so we drove and drove until we landed in a cute little city called Apalachicola. Yeah, we can’t pronounce either. The little downtown area was super cute and had some places still open so we parked the Airstream right next to the docked oyster boats and headed for Apalachicola Seafood Grill.
apalachicola seafood grill.

We ordered the kid’s fried fish platter for Ava. Oh. My. Goodness. It was so good. For some reason, Dan and I ordered sandwiches instead of seafood and totally regretted it after tasting the feast that sat before Ava. What were we thinking?!?! This place is a Seafood Grill. Not a sandwich shop! I think these travel days are killing our braincells a tiny bit.
fried fish.

We usually don’t order appetizers or dessert. But today we ordered both. The jalapeno poppers with cream cheese and shrimp were seriously amazing. Oh and the death by chocolate cake was rich and perfect. Ava was all smiles… until a few minutes later. We were ready to leave and Ava was standing next to her chair. Out of nowhere she notices a huge bug and it is walking RIGHT towards her. And fast. She freezes and lets out the loudest scream that I have ever heard. I’m sure everyone in the restaurant is staring at us, but I am too scared to look around… and I have no idea what is happening to Ava. But then I see it. I see the charging bug. And it was a big sucker too. Dan picks Ava up and she buries her head in his shoulder. I look around and yup, everyone is staring. I then look at the lady next to us who is sitting with her three grown daughters. She smiles at me, points to one of her daughters and mouths “she was the same way’. Hehe.
chocolate cake!

Then it was off to the Airstream to put the girls in their pajamas, put Yoda back in the carrier and for grown-ups to figure out the next destination. But not before Ava got a chance to dress up Yoda and tell her that she is now ready for a party.
yoda is ready for a party... according to ava.

And now off to boondock at Walmart!

the end,

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Lani · March 16, 2010 at 6:00 am

Very cool that you got your very own heated pool for the day! We are supposed to head towards the panhandle this weekend but I’m fearful that there will be no availability. Not sure what our plan is at this point. Let me know if you find any fabulous campgrounds. Safe travels and watch out for those Spring Breakers….eek!

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