Today we are launching a newly redesigned I know it’s only been like a month since we started posting to the site but we just can’t help ourselves but to design a new theme since we are welcoming our other baby home tomorrow.

If you read the about section of our site, you might have noticed at the end what Mali Mish stands for. After looking online for a mascot for the last few weeks, we finally came across a hand-made, wool-stuffed mouse on

Point your peepers at this guy!

Isn’t he cool! As much detail as there seems to be, he is only about an inch tall! There is a lot of craftsmanship that goes into the hand-creation of these creatures and the price definitely reflects that!

Look for him popping up in and out of various sections of the site including photo and video features to come. Have a good weekend and wish us luck picking up our Airstream tomorrow!

over and out,

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