Last Saturday was supposed to be the day we bring our Airstream home. Yes, I said supposed to because things are not working out as smoothly as anticipated. Big surprise, huh?

We got a call a few days beforehand from our sales guy saying that our Airstream was all ready for us to pick up. They were supposed to reinstall the television, replace a missing bathroom fixture, replace the propane cover and detail the inside and outside of it. But when we got to the lot and found our new baby, we shook our heads. Not only was the propane cover not replaced, the entire thing was dirtier on the outside than the last time we saw it. Sure the TV was hanging off of the wall and we got a new light fixture but the interior was no where close to being detailed. AHHH!

So, why did they lie to us? Not sure. They had an excuse and it was a decent one but I still don’t like being lied too. Especially since we had to drive 4 hours through LA and find a babysitter. AHHH! There was a huge RV show going on at the Pomona Fairgrounds and most of their manpower was over there.

A few weeks ago when we finalized the paperwork on the purchase, the sale guy boasted about the 95-point inspection that the service department goes through before they hand over the keys. As soon as I heard this, I got BMW 255-point inspection flashbacks. When we bought my SUV, they promised that it had to go though a million tests and it would be perfect. And sure enough, we drove away with smiles and to celebrate, right to the nearest Chipotle, where I accidentally turned on the rear window wiper blade… which was cleaning my LICENSE PLATE instead of my window. I wonder how that passed their infamous 255-point inspection!?! Anyways, this dealership is giving me flashbacks of that moment. I am willing to give them ONE more chance to clear their name. Just one. We will try to pick her up again this Saturday. Please cross your fingers. And your toes.

Things usually work out the way they do for a reason. Maybe the reason it wasn’t ready for us was that we had no where to park the sucker. So, since we had no Airstream to drag back and marvel over, we continued our plans to make space for her on our driveway until plan B is ready.

The three of us pulled out our dusty gardening tools on Sunday and started removing bushes from the side garden next to the driveway in order to make room for our new addition. Dan recently broke both arms, yes both, but he still managed to pull out a few stubborn bushes… with Ava’s help, of course.

Here is Ava evaluating the probability that the Airstream will actually fit in our 1920’s driveway. It’s going to be tight but I think it will work as a temporary solution. I sure hope we can squeeze it past the palm tree. It would be such a shame to pull it out.

The driveway is now ready. Oops. I take that back. The driveway will be ready as soon as Ava finishes the welcome home sign for… our Mali Mish.

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